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Best Mac accessories for musicians 2022

Best Mac Accessories For Musicians
Best Mac Accessories For Musicians (Image credit: IK Multimedia)

Music is one of those multifaceted pursuits that can go in any direction, but all musicians need the right tools to make their art. Whether you're a producer, a drummer, or a DJ, you're going to need a few key accessories to create exceptional music. These are the best Mac accessories for musicians that can be used for a variety of disciplines.

Studio time

This list includes a lot of the gear a musician needs to set up a music studio run by Mac computers. Any of these products will plug and play easily with your Mac so you can start recording quicker. The first thing you might want to invest in is a good pair of KRK Rokit G4 Studio Monitors so you can properly appreciate the sound you're making.

If mixing or production is more your flavor, check out some of the IK Multimedia gadgets on this list, like the iRig Keys and Pads, to create a complete musical product. Combining these tools will make it easier (and fun!) to put together new beats and grooves. No matter what kind of creator you are, one or two of the best Mac accessories for musicians will make a valuable addition to your studio.

Jaclyn Kilani