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For St. Patrick's Day 2020, maybe the best thing you can do, instead of going to a party or a bar, is to stay in and watch a movie. It's safe, it's quiet, and it'll keep you off the road in case you enjoy the holiday a little too much.

Unfortunately, St. Patrick's Day isn't a big one for holiday-centric movies. Sometimes, the best you can do is find movies made in Ireland, about Ireland, or starring notable Irish actors.

Here are some of the best movies to watch this St. Patrick's Day.

  • Sing Street - Set in Dublin during the 1980s, this film follows a young man, Conor, as he enters a new school. Looking for an escape from his increasingly-stifled home life, Conor dives into a new-found passion for rock music, forming a band with some of his new friends from school, which allows them to push past the boundaries of their mundane lives
  • Brooklyn - Saoirse Ronan stars in this drama set in 1950s Brooklyn. In it, a young Irish immigrant falls in love after coming to the U.S. Unfortunately, her new-found life in America finds itself disrupted when her past catches up with her, and she must choose between a new man and new life, or an old love from the old country.
  • Ondine - Based on the folk tales of creatures call selkies, this film follows Syracuse, a fisherman who rescues a mysterious woman from the water, and finds his life changed forever. With the help of his daughter, Syracuse comes to believe that the woman, Ondine, may, in fact, be a selkie of legend.
  • Leprechaun - Put a little horror in your holiday with this 1993 cult classic. A vicious Leprechaun goes on a bloody rampage after his bag of gold coins is stolen. As they try to survive the emerald onslaught, a group of friends search for a four-leaf clover, the only thing that can stop the leprechaun.
  • The Wind that Shakes the Barely - Set in Ireland in the 1920s, this film follows a group of Irish workers who face off against squads of British soldiers during Ireland's bid for independence. But even as a peace treaty is signed with Britain, civil war explodes in Ireland, tearing families apart and straining longtime loyalties.

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