Best new movies and TV shows on iTunes in September 2018

Best new movies on iTunes

This week in movies begins with Mama Mia! Here We Go Again, which takes place 10 years after the first movie and follows Sophie as she tries to fulfill her mother's dream of opening a Greek hotel. You can also pick up Sorry to Bother You, in which a man, new to the world of telemarketing, quickly climbs the corporate ladder, only to unlock deep, dark secrets at the top of the food chain. With this week's movie discounts, get deals on films about mothers and daughters, with movies like Lady Bird, Winter's Bone, and Stepmom all available for under $10. The Movie of the Week is Beirut, which is available for a $0.99 rental and a $9.99 purchase.

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Best new TV shows on iTunes

Our look at this week's TV starts with new episodes of Doctor Who, Lodge 49, and Manifest. With the new season premiering this week, fans of Riverdale can get the previous two seasons for the discounted price of $15 a piece. This week, get deals on true crime shows, with season of programs like Trust, Killing Kennedy, and American Crime Story available for under $10.

Check in next week for more in movies and TV from the iTunes Store.

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