The best over-the-air antennas 2022

ClearStream 2MAX

The ClearStream 2MAX is the perfect mix between range and aesthetics. It's the sort of antenna you're serious about over-the-air TV but don't have to contend with any any serious environmental obstructions. It's not invisible, but also not monstrous to look at.

ClearStream 2Max

The best OTA antenna for most people

The ClearStream 2MAX can be mounted outdoors or indoors (like in an attic). It includes a 20-inch J-mount mast, and a 20dB amplifier. It's got a 4-star rating on Amazon, with more than 200 customer reviews. Plus it's been a favorite of our own staff. If you need a good over-the-air antenna, this is what we'd go with.

Who should buy this antenna?

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The ClearStream 2MAX is the best option for someone who wants something better than a stick-up indoor antenna, but doesn't want an ungainly outdoor model that looks more like a clothesline than a way to get free over-the-air TV. And don't let the sub-$50 price fool you — this is a fully functional OTA antenna.

And you get everything you need to mount the 2MAX in the box. You get a pivoting mast, the mounting hardware, amplifier and more.

Is it a good time to buy this antenna?

Yes. A stylish antenna will never go out of style. And the technology mostly remains the same. There will be minor tweaks across revisions, but an antenna is an antenna.

Plus the ClearStream 2MAX will work just fine once the ATSC 3.0 standard is actually implemented. An antenna is just the — an antenna. So the ClearStream 2MAX will work just as well with 4K broadcasts as it does today with 1080i broadcasts.

The best antenna for most people

The ClearStream 2MAX is an indoor/outdoor antenna that receives broadcasts from local (OK, relatively local) stations — stations that might or might not also be available through your streaming service of choice. So an antenna like the 2MAX can fill the hole that streaming solutions may leave behind. That's particularly of use when it comes to local news and regional sporting events.

The ClearStream 2MAX works well outdoors or hidden in an attic.

Additionally, over-the-air broadcasts typically have less compression than what you'll get over streaming channels — so the pictures will look better. And once you've got the hardware, you get all the content for free.

Setup is simple. It's just a matter of screwing a couple of wingnuts and mounting the antenna on a mast somewhere. (Remember, outdoors and higher is better than indoors and lower.) The 2MAX includes all the hardware you'll need to mount it, and depending on your circumstances, installation really can take just a few minutes. Plug the antenna into your TV or other tuner box, and you're good to go.

Alternatives to the ClearStream 2MAX

The Channel Master CM-2018 is another (and very popular) option. It's got a higher VHF gain, so it may be able to pick up more distant stations. It does, however, have a larger visible footprint.

Channel Master CM-2018

Reasons to buy

A powerful antenna without much bulk
Gives access to free over-the-air broadcasts
Doesn't require additional software
Doesn't count against your ISP data cap
Stands up to rain, wind and sun
Listed 60-mile range
Will work with ATSC 3.0 standard
Will work with future 4K broadcasts
Includes all the mounting hardware you'll need
Includes a free 20dB amplifier

Reasons to avoid

If you can't attach a semi-permanent antenna to your home
If you need an antenna with even greater range
If the terrain simply doesn't allow for over-the-air broadcasts

The CM-2018 is the sort of old-school outdoor antenna you might remember back from the 1980s. (Look around your neighborhood, folks.) This updated model rates 60 miles for VHF and 45 miles for UHF and will almost certainly get the job done if you need more VHF oomph. Not bad for about $50.

If you can't rig up an outdoor antenna, the RCA ANT1650 flat indoor antenna is another popular choice. It's got a much shorter range and will be more subject to environmental noise — but it really all depends on your circumstances. It's also got a lower price — about $30.

RCA Flat Digital Amplified Indoor Antenna

This is the sort of thing you're likely to find sitting on a living room entertainment center or bookshelf, connected directly into a television set. It'll get the job done for the strongest channels, but you can pretty much forget about receiving anything at a distance.

Mohu Blade

If you're looking for an indoor antenna that really looks good, the Mohu Blade is the one you'll want. It's sleek and stylish, not taking up too much room on an entertainment center, or mounted on a wall. (It's your choice which direction you want to go with that. Otherwise, it's sort of your standard 40-mile indoor-type antenna.But, man, it looks good, with the metal ring on the inside, and the flecked composite-type design on the antenna itself.

Bottom line

For more folks, the Channel Master CM-2018 is where we'd start. It hits the sweet spot between price, performance, and overall visible footprint. If you need something more powerful for VHF, the CM-2018 is a good bet, and if you just can't mount an antenna outdoors, the RCA indoor model may do you nicely.

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