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Sonos provides a range of wireless speakers, from small, medium, and large single speakers to a soundbar and sub for home theater to interfaces for your existing sound systems. More than wireless, though, Sonos is connected. You can control it from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and you can use it to stream almost all of the popular music services, including Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime, Pandora, and more! But which Sonos speakers are right for you? A lot of that depends on where you want to place them and how you want to use them. Here are all the options!

Sonos One speaker in black

Best smart speaker: Sonos One (Gen 2)

Staff pick

This stand-alone smart speaker is the perfect starter for any up-and-coming Sonos fan. It's inexpensive, easily movable, and works with AirPlay 2 so you can use it with Siri. Pair it with a second Sonos One for stereo sound. It can also be grouped with any Sonos speakers on this list.

Sonos One SL

Value option: Sonos One SL

The One SL is Sonos' basic, room-filling stand-alone speaker. It's easy to set up and start playing music through right away, and it's portable. Though it's not a smart speaker, it does support AirPlay 2, so you can connect it to your iPhone and use Siri to control your music. It can also be grouped with any Sonos speaker on this list for full-house sound.

Sonos Play:5

Pro quality sound: Play:5

The Play:5 is the perfect speaker for fans that are ready for more. It's more expensive but is designed to be your musical hub if you have more than one Sonos speaker in the house. You can even place the Play:5 vertically without changing the sound. The line-in 3.5mm jack lets you connect to compatible receivers. With AirPlay 2 support, you can use Siri to control playback.

Sonos beam black speaker on a white background

TV smarts: Sonos Beam

The low-cost Beam brings voice control with Google Assistant or Alexa right into your living room. It's easy to set up and start playing and provides a reasonable sound boost to your movie-watching experience. It supports AirPlay 2, so you can also use Siri to control music and playback on your Apple TV. Connect it with a couple of Sonos One speakers, and you've got yourself a surround sound system.

Sonos Playbar

Big TV sound: Playbar

With nine amplifiers, three tweeters, and six mid-woofers, you're going to have a premium audio experience with the Playbar in your living room. It uses Dolby Digital Audio for its virtual surround sound and connects directly to your TV using an optical cable. It can also be grouped with any Sonos speaker on this list for full-house sound, and if you have an AirPlay 2 supported Sonos Speaker, this will play voice-controlled audio.

Sonos Playbase at a slight angle on a white background

Enhanced entertainment: Playbase

The Playbase is Sonos' top-of-the-line TV connected play bar. With 10 drivers, 10 amplifiers, and Dolby Digital Audio compatibility, every word, footstep, and breath is as clear as if you're in the movie yourself. Connect the sub and a couple of Sonos One speakers, and you're going to make your neighbors jealous.

Sonos Sub

Enriched bass: Sonos Sub

Sonos' specially designed sub-woofer provides rich, deep bass sound without causing vibration. You can feel it in your chest, but not because your couch is shaking. With two amplifiers, two force-canceling drivers, and acoustic design, you can wirelessly connect it to your Beam, Playbar, or Playbase.

Sonos Amp on a white background

Analog upgrade: Sonos Amp

If you've invested in a nice set of speakers from pre-digital days and are reluctant to get rid of them, the Amp will bring together your wired speakers, record player, and more. It acts as a receiver for your home audio equipment. It's perfect for outdoor sound systems and is designed for Sonos Architectural by Sonance built-in speakers.

Sonos Port

Connect everything: Sonos Port

The Sonos Port is your gateway to wireless music. It's compact and connects to any receiver via analog, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs. It essentially turns your receiver into a wireless receiver so that you can pump your music out of your current speakers straight from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Sonos Move Portable Speaker

Get a move on: Sonos Move

The Move is the only speaker from Sonos that can bring the noise to just about anywhere. A built-in rechargeable battery allows this speaker to play your tunes for up to 10 hours, and it has an IP56 weather-resistance rating, perfect for those times in the great outdoors. Plus, the portable Move still boasts AirPlay 2, Alexa, and that brilliant Sonos sound.

Which Sonos is right for you?

The main thing to consider when deciding to join the Sonos family is what your needs are combined with your budget. The Sonos One is the perfect starter speaker for most people. It's reasonably priced and can be moved from one room to another with ease. You can get multiple sets of Sonos One speakers at a discount, which helps get the surround sound you need.

If your TV set doesn't already have an external speaker system set up, I recommend getting the Sonos Beam. I've got one in my house paired with two HomePod speakers (thank you AirPlay 2), and I love the sound quality I get from the setup.

Of course, if you're already invested in Sonos, you're here for an upgrade, at which point I think the Play:5 is your next purchase. It's got the best sound quality of the speakers on this list and can be grouped with all your other Sonos speakers for a full house experience. Be sure to keep an eye out for the best Sonos deals as they happen rarely.

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