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Best Speakers for Streaming Audible Books 2022

Amazon Echo 3rd Generation on a table near a lamp and book
Amazon Echo 3rd Generation on a table near a lamp and book (Image credit: Amazon)

Listening to audiobooks is simply easier when paired with a smart speaker that has the Amazon Alexa voice assistant built-in. To achieve this, however, doesn't necessarily require buying a speaker made by Amazon, as you can see on the list below of the best speakers for streaming Audible books, although having Alexa built-in certainly does help. You can use any speaker to stream audiobooks, but when you want to listen to Audible, Alexa's just going to make it easier.

Listen anywhere

Listening to your Audible books is now easier than ever with apps on our phones and through Amazon's Alexa. Whether you want the best possible sound, something you can take on the go, or just a device that can fit in anywhere, there are tons of options available, each with the ability to summon your books on demand.

The Amazon Echo 3rd Generation (opens in new tab) combines great sound quality, an affordable price, and voice control convenience all in one slim package. This smart speaker has direct integration with Audible and smart home services, allowing you to dim the lights before you settle in for some relaxing book time.

Looking for a no-hassle way to bring your books to the bathroom, or your garage workspace? The Echo Flex (opens in new tab) is a simple to set up solution that plugs directly into a wall outlet anywhere, without extra cords. Having Alexa in an affordable plug and play form factor makes summoning your books a breeze without having to stop what you are doing.

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