Best TV Mount for Sonos Beam iMore 2020

Sonos makes some of the best connected speakers you can buy and the Sonos Beam is one of its latest and greatest soundbar offerings. The trickiest part of setting up any soundbar, however, is how to mount the dang thing to your TV. It gets even trickier because due to the way the Beam is designed, most universal mounts won't work. Not to worry as we've scoured the internet to find some of the best mounts you can buy.

The perfect companion: Sonos Wall Mount for Beam

This wall mount comes straight from Sonos, the folks that make the soundbar, so you know that it's going to fit perfectly. It's easy to install and it comes in black or white to match your Beam.

$60 at Amazon

A little flexibility: Flexson Adjustable Wall Mount for Beam

Felxson is a UK based company that makes high quality, steel mounts for a wide range of products. This mount is designed to work with the Beam, it comes in black and white, and you can tilt it up to 90 degrees for some added flexibility.

$100 at Amazon

Best on a budget: Soundbass Sonos Beam Wall Mount

If you're not looking to spend a whole lot but still want to make sure your Beam is mounted securely, then this is one you should look at. It includes all the mounting hardware and it comes in both black and white to match your Beam. It also has flexible mounting options so you can get it right where you need it.

$29 at Amazon

Mount your TV too: Flexson Cantilever Mount

If you went ahead and bought a TV to go with your Beam, this mount will let you mount them together. It also rotates around to increase your viewing options and ensure you get the best experience. This one is good for TVs up to 40 inches.

$200 at Amazon

Go big or go home: Flexson Cantilever Mount for 40" - 65" TV

I'm a gamer, a movie lover, and a Netflix binger so I love my big TV. If you're anything like me and have a big TV you need to mount with your new Beam, check this product out. It's the big brother to the 40-inch mount, just made for bigger screens.

$380 at Amazon

Stand up: Flexson Adjustable TV Stand for Sonos Beam

Sometimes you don't need to mount everything on the wall. Maybe you don't want to deal with all that mess or maybe you just prefer it to stand on top of your entertainment center. If you want a good stand instead of a mount, this is a great device.

$270 at Amazon

Add to your TV: Sanus TV Mount for Sonos Beam

There's a good chance that you've already mounted your TV and don't want to mess with an extra mount. Luckily, this mount from Sanus integrates into the TV mount you already have so can connect them together seamlessly. You'll need to make sure that it works with your mount but Sanus built it to work with most mount brands.

$60 at Sonos

The Sonos Beam is one of the coolest new speakers the company has released. It packs all of the power and sound of the Playbar into a much smaller and more affordable package. If you're looking to pick one up this holiday season then be sure to get a good mount to hook it up to your TV. My favorite is the Sonos Wall Mount as it's made by the company that makes the speaker, and it's simple and affordable. Considering I am not super handy, I'll take simple any day.

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