Best TV Mounts for Sonos Beam iMore 2021

The Sonos Beam is one of our favorite Sonos speakers with its excellent sound and ability to create a complete surround sound experience. However, if your TV is up on the wall, then you need one of the best TV mounts for Sonos Beam to tie it all together. These mounts put your Beam in the optimal position, right underneath your TV, and they give both a clean, integrated look by hiding your wiring. Here's our guide to the best TV mounts for Sonos Beam.

Sanus Wssbm1 Mount

Custom fit: Sanus WSSBM1 TV Mount for Sonos Beam

Staff Favorite

The Sanus WSSBM1 TV mount is an easy to install solution for TVs up to 70-inches that sets up in as little as 15 minutes without drilling. This custom, low-profile mount gives you access to all of the ports on the back of the Sonos Beam, and its Smart Latch system allows for tool-free height adjustments for perfect placement.

Mount-It! Sound Bar Tv Mounting Shelf For Sonos Beam Render Cropped

Affordable audio: Mount-It! Sound Bar TV Mounting Shelf

The Mount-It! sound bar TV mounting shelf is one of the most affordable ways to mount your Sonos Beam to TV. This steel mount works with TVs that support the 200x600mm VESA mounting pattern, and since it mounts to the TV and not your existing mount, it can move freely for the optimum audio experience.

$25 at Amazon
Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount

Universal design: Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount

Mounting Dream's soundbar mount is not only designed for the Sonos Beam, but it also works with other soundbars in case you decide to change things up in the future. This mount is also adjustable for TVs up to 600x400mm with a unique sliding block, and its durable frame can hold soundbars up to 13 pounds.

$35 at Amazon
Soundbass Beam Tv Mount

Curve-friendly: Soundbass Beam TV Mount

The sleek Soundbass Beam TV mount works with most TVs between 32 and 65-inches with the 400x400 VESA pattern. Unlike other mounts, though, this mount is compatible with the latest curved televisions with its two-piece design.

Flexson Cantilever Mount For Tv And Sonos Beam

All-in-one: Flexson Cantilever Mount for TV and Sonos Beam

If mounting a TV is on your to-do list, this all-in-one mount from Flexson is the perfect solution. This flexible mount can accommodate TVs up to 43-inches, and it includes an integrated mount for the Sonos Beam for a seamless look.

$80 at Amazon
Flexson Adjustable Tv Stand For Sonos Beam in white

Stand up: Flexson Adjustable TV Stand for Sonos Beam

Flexon's unique adjustable TV stand for Sonos Beam doesn't mount to the wall; instead, it sits on your existing media center. This mount provides a clean installation by hiding the wires from the Sonos Beam and gives both the ability to swivel 25-degrees in either direction.

Clean looks

The best TV mounts for Sonos Beam are the perfect way to clean up your home theater by bringing both together up on the wall. These mounts put the Sonos Beam directly underneath your TV, right where it belongs, and they hide all of your wiring behind them, giving your set up a nice and tidy look.

We love the Sanus WSSBM1 TV Mount for Sonos Beam's custom, low-profile design that easily adjusts for optimal placement. This mount doesn't require any drilling for installation, and it features a handy cut-out that gives you easy access to all of the ports on the back of the Sonos Beam.

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your TV and Sonos Beam? Then check out the Flexson Cantilever Mount for TV and Sonos Beam. This mount is the complete package, offering a mount for TVs up to 43-inches, and the Sonos Beam in one cohesive, adjustable, cantilever design.

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