Best TV shows and movies on Netflix right now

Netflix is always adding new movies and TV shows to its catalog, and each week, we'll bring you the best it has to offer!

What to Watch

In this week's Netflix selections, a young woman seeks adventure and teams up with a demigod in order to cross the ocean and save her people. The agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. explore the mystical side of the Marvel universe, get trapped in an evil virtual reality, and more. Finally, a Netflix original documentary follows the paths of three boxers, each at a different stage in their career, as they try to make names for themselves.

  • Moana - In Disney's latest animated musical, a young woman longs to venture out into the world across the ocean, and teams up with a demigod to correct his mistake and save her people from a calamity.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 4 - Following the signing of the Sokovia Accords, S.H.I.E.L.D. is tasked with dealing with people with powers around the world. Along the way, they find themselves crossing paths with Ghost Rider, tangling with Life Model Decoys, and navigating an eerie alternate reality in which they are Agents of Hydra.
  • Counterpunch - This original Netflix documentary follows three fighters, all at different points in their careers, as they put in the work and do what they have to to become boxing champions, even as the sport itself is on the decline.

Coming Attractions

This week we've got a couple of shows and an original documentary hitting Netflix, beginning with season one of GLOW, which follows a group of struggling actress as they try to make names for themselves as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. In Free Rein, a young woman bonds with a mysterious horse on the island where her mother grew up. Finally, we have Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, which examines how wealthy individuals often clash with their critics in the press.

  • GLOW - Season 1 - In 1980s Los Angeles, a young, struggling actress joins others in her situation, together becoming the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a women's professional wrestling promotion. With help from their coke-addled showrunner, the ladies strive to create original entertainment and own their own power. Arrives June 23. - See on Netflix
  • Free Rein - Season 1 - An American teenager heads to an island off the coast of England, her mother's childhood home, where she meets and bonds with a mysterious horse while making other friends on the island. Arrives June 23. - See on Netflix
  • Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press - Another Netflix original documentary explores how powerful and wealthy individuals attack the press outlets that they feel threaten their interests, and the chilling effect that has on press coverage. Particular attention is paid to Hulk Hogan's court case against Gawker Media. Arrives June 23. - See on Netflix

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