Best TV shows and movies on Netflix right now

What to Watch

In this week's Netflix selections, Bill Nye works to educate his audience about different scientific principles with the help of experts and celebrity guests. High schooler Elle finds herself torn between friendship and romance after she falls for her best friend's older brother in violation of one of her friendship's long-standing rules. Finally, young performers create comedic and educational sketches about the lives and accomplishments of some of history's most important figures.

  • Bill Nye Saves the World - Season 3 - Bill Nye (rapidly) returns with a new season of his Netflix original series that showcases how fun and engaging science can be. Bill brings in scientific experts and celebrity guests alike as he performs experiments and discusses how different aspects of science impact our everyday lives. - See on Netflix
  • The Kissing Booth - Elle and Lee have been best friends since they were born. Now in their junior year of high school, their friendship is at risk when Elle falls for Lee's handsome older brother, beginning a secret romance that violates one of the pair's rules and could tear them apart.
  • The Who Was? Show - Season 1 - This Netflix original is a live-action sketch comedy series, aimed at kids, focuses on history. The show, based on a series of best-selling books, examines the lives and accomplishments of many of history's most famous figures through a series of comical sketches put on by young, up-and-coming performers.

Coming Attractions

As always, this week on Netflix sees a new set of shows and films hit the service and that starts with the second season of 13 Reasons Why, which follows the events of the first season as Liberty High and the surrounding town find themselves torn apart by the impending lawsuit by the parents of a young woman who committed suicide. Cargo, a Netflix original movie, follows a father, stranded with his infant in rural Australia, as he tries to find a new home for his child before he succumbs to a deadly virus that will make him a danger to her. Finally, check out the final season of Scandal as Olivia Pope takes on the dual roles of Chief of Staff to the President of the United States, as well as the leadership of the covert operations group B613.

  • 13 Reasons Why - Season 2 - Picking up five months after the end of the first season, the drama series follows the students of Liberty High and their families as they deal with the fallout of last season's revelations. As Olivia Baker, mother of Hannah, prepares to sue the school, witnesses find themselves being intimidated into silence, and Clay tries to bury his continuing grief in a new relationship. Arrives May 18. - See on Netflix
  • Cargo - A father finds himself stranded in rural Australia after the outbreak of a pandemic that turns people violent. Having been infected himself, the father looks to survive as long as he can and find a home for his infant daughter before he succumbs to the virus and becomes a danger to her himself. Arrives May 18.
  • Scandal - Season 7 - In the final season of this political drama, Olivia Pope finds herself pulling double duty as Chief of Staff to President Mellie Grant and as the head of the covert ops organization B613 as Quinn Perkins and her crisis management team work to deal with the political scandals of their clients following Olivia's exit from their firm. Arrives May 19.

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