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Netflix is always adding new movies and TV shows to its catalog, and each week, we'll bring you the best it has to offer!

What to Watch

In this week's Netflix selections, Queen Elizabeth must deal with a changing nation in the early 1960s, as well as a husband that has grown increasingly frustrated with their marriage and his position in the royal family. A group of strangers are trapped together during what may or may not be a liquor store robbery. Finally, the Brakebills crew finding themselves in charge of the fantastical land of Fillory, only for them to discover that even a country filled with magic has problems of its own.

  • The Crown - Season 2 - The Netflix original series returns to continue the story of Queen Elizabeth II as she confronts an ever-changing world, attempting to find balance between the monarchy's traditional role in society and fast-moving new world that's eager for change.
  • El Camino Christmas - On Christmas Eve, several strangers end up stuck together in a liquor store during what appears to be a robbery. The group end up sharing secrets and forming unexpected bonds as the police and outside world attempt to figure out what's really going on.
  • The Magicians - Season 2 - The Brakebills crew find themselves in charge of the magical land of Fillory, but find that being kings and queens might not be everything they bargained for. While seemingly more fantastical than the world that they came from, Fillory has its own problems, from magical beasts that eat your hands off to rival nations looking for war.

Coming Attractions

This week on Netflix will see the release of a trio of Netflix originals, starting with season one of Erased, a Japanese series about a young man who goes back in time to prevent the deaths of his mother and three young classmates. There's also the second part of Trollhunters, following the continuing adventures of Jim as he works to embrace his destiny after finding a mysterious amulet. Finally, part one of original documentary series Wormwood sees Errol Morris investigating the supposed accidental death of a U.S. scientist that was linked to MK-ULTRA during the Cold War.

  • Erased - Season 1 - This Japanese series follows Satoru, a young man with the ability to travel through time. When his mother is murdered, his ability takes him back 18 years, giving him the chance not only to stop her murder but also the kidnappings and deaths of three of his classmates from when he was a kid. Arrives December 15.
  • Trollhunters - Part 2 - In this Guillermo del Toro-created series, a normal teenager must assume his destiny when he discovers a mysterious amulet. The second part of this series continues Jim's adventures in the land of Arcadia. December 15.
  • Wormwood - Part 1 - Errol Morris leads this documentary series that focuses on the death of a U.S. scientist involved with MK-Ultra in during the Cold War. While the CIA claims that the man died in an accidental fall from his hotel, there is reason to doubt this story. December 15.

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