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Netflix is always adding new movies and TV shows to its catalog, and each week, we'll bring you the best it has to offer!

What to Watch

In this week's Netflix selections, Jessica Jones continues her life as a super-powered private investigator while dealing with the trauma of her past. Unsuccessful home chefs compete to create masterpiece dishes for a $10,000 prize in a new original cooking competition series. Finally, watch the continuing trials and tribulations of Gus and Mickey as they navigate life and love.

  • Jessica Jones - Season 2 - In the second season of this Netflix original, Jessica continues wading through the aftermath of the first season and her final confrontation with Kilgrave. She also continues her work as a private investigator while also dealing with the trauma of her childhood and the experiments performed on her.
  • Nailed It - Season 1 - In this original cooking competition series, home chefs who have not had the most success in the kitchen attempt to rise to the occasion and re-create edible masterpiece dishes while avoiding absolute disaster, all in an attempt to win $10,000 in prize money.
  • Love - Season 3 - The third season of this romantic comedy continues to follow Mickey, Gus, and their friends as they navigate love and life in the 21st century, and as Mickey and Gus attempt to finally have a real, full, adult relationship.

Coming Attractions

As always, this week on Netflix sees a new set of original shows hit the service, starting with Benji, the Netflix reboot of the film series about a highly intelligent dog who finds himself taken in by a brother and sister, who try to hide him from their mother. In Edha, a designer finds herself embroiled in a plot of revenge and passion after one of her clothing factories burns down, killing several workers. Finally, four teens from a rough Los Angeles neighborhood face changes to their relationships as they enter high school.

  • Benji - Two children rescue a stray dog and attempt to hide him from their mother. When the kids end up in some serious trouble, Benji takes it upon himself to lead the way to their rescue while also healing rifts that had developed in the family. - See on Netflix
  • Edha - Season 1 - In this Spanish-language drama series, Edha, a single mother, and fashion designer, is caught up in a plot of revenge after a fire at one of her factories, which may have been operating under unsafe conditions without her knowledge, kills several workers. When a mysterious young man enters her life, Edha must discover whether or not she can trust him. Arrive March 16.
  • On My Block - Season 1 - Set in a rough Los Angeles neighborhood, four streetwise teens prepare to enter high school, where they'll find their relationships change and the lifelong friendship between the quartet will be tested in ways that they haven't anticipated. Arrives March 16.

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