Best TV shows and movies on Netflix right now

What to Watch

In this week's Netflix selections, Frank Castle, The Punisher, sets off on a quest for revenge against the members of the military conspiracy that killed his family. Walt Longmire contemplates retirement while fending off a lawsuit and preparing for a showdown with with an old, ruthless enemy. Finally, two families confront issues of prejudice, family, and farming in 1940s Mississippi.

  • The Punisher - Season 1 - Frank Castle, a former Marine turned violent vigilante, sets out to punish the those who murdered his family, stumbling across a military conspiracy in the process. As he continues to dig, Castle finds that his quest for vengeance is just one part of the overall story.
  • Longmire - Season 6 - In the final season of this modern western, Sheriff Walt Longmire strives to save the life of his best friend, contemplates retirement, and teams up with an old adversary against an enemy who is more deadly than ever.
  • Mudbound - In 1940s Mississippi, two families, one black and one white, work to make their farms successful while confronting realities of prejudice, friendship, and fidelity.

Coming Attractions

This week on Netflix sees the arrival of the first season of She's Gotta Have It, a contemporary update of Spike Lee's breakout film about a woman who wants to follow her dreams while juggling three suitors. In Bushwick an ex-Marine and a grad student partner in order to survive an insurrection in the United States. Finally, the second season of Frontier once again follows the exploits of outlaw Declan Harp as he tries to open up the Canadian fur trade in the 18th century.

  • She's Gotta Have It - Season 1 - Based on Spike Lee's film of the same name, this series follows the independent Nola Darling has she tries to stay true to her path in life while also deciding between her three lovers: Jamie, who wants a relationship, Greer, a shallow male model, and Mars, a bike messenger. Arrives November 23.
  • Bushwick - In this action thriller a veteran and a graduate student team up to survive an insurrection brought on when Texas decides to secede from the United States and attacks the country with a militia formed in partnership with other Southern states. Arrives November 24.
  • Frontier - Season 2 - The second season of this period series once again follows Declan Harp, who starts the season with a bounty on his head for his efforts to break the Hudson's Bay Company's hold on the fur trade in 18th-century Canada. Arrives November 24.

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