Best TV shows and movies on Netflix right now

What to Watch

In this week's Netflix selections, follow a group of high school classmates who must work together to escape when they all awake to find themselves imprisoned in a lavish dining room. A group of high school freshmen in 1996 look to navigate adolescent love, social pressures, and fitting in. Finally, Joel McHale offers comedic commentary on top news, pop culture, and social media in a new Netflix original weekly show.

  • Re:Mind - Season 1 - In this Japanese horror film, eleven high school classmates are all kidnapped, and awaken to find themselves restrained to the floor of a dining room, all of them sitting around the table. The group must work together not only to escape their predicament, but also determine why they are in it in the first place.
  • Everything Sucks! - Season 1 - Take a trip back to the ancient era of 1996 and follow a group of misfit high school freshmen as they struggle with school, love, and finding themselves and where they belong in a town called Boring.
  • The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale - Joel McHale takes on trending news, popular culture social media, and much more in a weekly show full of sketches and comedy that takes after his old E! Network show, The Soup.

Coming Attractions

As always, this week on Netflix sees a new set of movies and TV shows hitting the service, starting with the first season of Atomic Puppet, in which the city's greatest hero, now transformed into a sock puppet, must team with his biggest fan in order to fight crime. In the second season of Marseille, power players work to climb the ladder and secure their places in the city's political structure. Finally, Netflix original film Mute follows a mute man who heads into the grimy underbelly of near-future Berlin to find his girlfriend after she goes missing.

  • Atomic Puppet - Season 1 - Once his city's top hero, Captain Atomic has been reduced to a mere sock puppet. In order to use his powers, Atomic must partner with Joey, a young man who is also Captain Atomic's biggest fan. Arrives February 22.
  • Marseille - Season 2 - In this French dram, follow the power players in the political scene of Marseille as they all wrestle for control of the city for their own various purposes. After nearly dying, the former long-time mayor of the city attempts to hold on to the power he has cultivated for over 20 years. February 23.
  • Mute - Set in near-future Berlin, a mute man sets out on a search for his girlfriend through the city's underworld. Along his journey, people find that the man doesn't need his voice to communicate, as his actions always speak quite clearly. February 23.

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