If you're a superfan of the Star Wars universe, you've probably already decided how you're going to dress for the premiere of Ep. VIII. You don't have to be a big ol' nerd to get into the spirit though. Whether you're cosplaying like a boss or just want to sport a classic t-shirt, you've got to hit The Last Jedi premiere in style.

Cosplay or bust!

Rey Cosplay

At this point, it's a little late to get started on your cosplay costume, but if you've got some extra money (plus enough to ship your costume overnight), you can get fully outfitted with one of the Star Wars universe's iconic characters.

XCOOS sells a variety of Star Wars costumes at a somewhat reasonable price. You can get the look of one of many top-tiered characters without having to do any work. From Rey's dessert garb to Kylo Ren's cape, you'll be mistaken for a Jedi at the premiere.

Star Wars costumes range from Episode II - VII and even include some Rogue One favorites. You'll pay anywhere from as little as $90 or up to nearly $250, depending on the costume you want.

If you pay the extra price for express shipping, you can get your costume on your doorstep in as soon as two days if you don't have anything custom tailored.

It's still cutting it a little bit close, though. If you're not already fully outfitted with a cosplay costume, I recommend going with something a little easier to come by.

Go Disney Bound

Disney Bound

In recent years, there's been a growing trend in dressing in everyday clothing that looks similar to a costume, but is not actual cosplay. It's most commonly known as Disney Bound. It's a fantastic way to get into the spirit of Star Wars without sacrificing your own personal style.

Dress like R2-D2 by wearing a white top and pants or skirt and accenting it with blues and reds. Done!

Dress like Obi Wan Kenobi with a pair of tan pants, a cream colored blouse, and a dark brown shawl.

Get creative. You might have what you need right in your closet. If you don't, a quick trip to your favorite clothing store will probably provide the clothing items you need.

I've done a couple of my own Disney Bound outfits and my personal suggestion is to imply the costume by using plenty of accents and accessories. It's really easy to look like Darth Vader if you dress in all black, but have a necklace or belt that has some reds, yellows, blues and greens in it.

Get some ideas from Leslie Kay, for your perfect Disney Bound Star Wars outfit here.

Rock your classic Star Wars tee

Star Wars t-shirts used to be a rare treasure that you could only get at a sci-fi convention. These days, you can find them in the clearance section of pretty much any department store, and sometimes even at your neighborhood convenience store.

The way to really impress the crowds is to show up in a vintage 1977 - 1983 Star Wars original. If you don't have one sitting at the bottom of a dresser drawer, ask your older brother or sister if they've still got one.

You can find some of these precious items on eBay, but a true vintage shirt is going to cost a pretty penny, and you might not get it delivered in time.

Luckily, vintage style Star Wars t-shirts are all the rage right now. Head down to your local department store and you'll see a huge selection of vintage looking t-shirts, including ones with a distressed look.

Of course, if vintage isn't your style, you've still got a huge selection of Star Wars shirts to choose from.

Your Star Wars style?

Are you going decked out in the perfect Star Wars outfit to watch the premiere of The Last Jedi? How are you going to show off your cred? Tell us in the comments.