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Sonos one
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Apple's HomePod might not be available for the holidays, but other smart speakers are more than happy to fill that gap. The Sonos One is perfectly sized to fit under your holiday ornament of choice, and delivers a solid smart audio experience with the help of Amazon's Alexa assistant — and what's more, it'll even support both Google and AirPlay 2 in 2018.

If you're interested in picking up a Sonos One this holiday season, here are the best places you can find one.

Best overall

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Best Buy: In-store

If you want to pick up your gifts as early as possible and avoid last-minute shopping stress, Best Buy is one of the few retailers in the U.S. that sells the Sonos One in stores. You can order online and pick up in store, or have it shipped straight to your door — your pick.

You can also occasionally get open-box specials on Best Buy's website; if you don't mind owning the speaker slightly-used or without packaging, you can pick up a Sonos One for as little as $169.99.

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Amazon: For quick shipping

If you aren't worried about in-store pickup options, Amazon is one of the easiest ways to order the Sonos One online. (The process is even faster for Prime subscribers thanks to the speaker's Prime shipping eligibility.) Additionally, those who have Amazon Lockers nearby can get a Sonos One dropped off there for pickup, instead.

Like Best Buy, you can pick up a Sonos One in white or black, and even order the speaker used for a cheaper overall price — though I'd caution against relying on third-party Amazon sellers if you absolutely need the speaker shipped by December 24.

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Not the best


Unless you have an existing Walmart account, we recommend against going through Walmart unless you have no other option. Walmart ships the Sonos One through its sales partner OneCall, which means you won't actually find the speaker in stores — as a result, you have fewer options for pickup or shipping than our other options.

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For those who need a Sonos One before the holidays, the best stores with the speaker in stock are Best Buy and Amazon. Both feature fast shipping, with Best Buy additionally offering in-store pickup and Amazon providing local locker pickup in some areas.

Thoughts? Questions?

Are you going to grab a Sonos One speaker for your smart home setup? If you have experience with Sonos' products, how have you fared with them? Let us know in the comments!

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  • If you buy it on Sonos’s website you can use the promo code SIMMONS10 to get 10% off of everything they sell. that’s the best place to buy it
  • December 12...The Sonos One is currently being discounted by Pottery Barn. 20% off using the promo code SNOWMAN. Final price, $159.95 with free shipping. ($20 cheaper than Amazon's discounted price). Don't know how long this will last. This is the Sonos ONE, not the Sonos Play1! So if you're interested, you probably need to act fast. Here are the details from Slickdeal...