Daily Tip: How to watch Flash video on your iPad and iPhone

Curious how to watch Flash video on your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone? Sure Apple doesn't and probably won't even support Adobe's Flash plugin but guess what -- there are a couple of apps for that! You won't get Flash games or Flash apps, but thanks to some server-side Flash-to-H.264 transcoding, you can get a lot of the video you want on the device you have. And we'll show you how after the break!

If you desperately want to watch Flash video on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad there are a couple of web browser apps you'll want to check out.


SkyFire is now on version 3.0 and its support for Flash has gotten better with every release. They now boast smoother video playback and because they proxy the content it could save you time and bandwidth (important for those of you with low 3G data caps.) It's not a universal app so you'll have to buy it twice if you want it on both iPhone/iPod touch and the optimized version for iPad, but it also provides other features like social integration and private browsing mode.


iSwifter is iPad only but they claim incredible speed and wide ranging support for Flash content. The download itself is free but you'll be prompted to "buy" the app for $2.99 if you want to support them. Other games are available inside the app for $0.99 in-app purchases as well.

  • iSwifter for iPad - Free with in-app purchase - iTunes link

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