DC Universe offers unlimited access to original tv shows, blockbuster films, digital comics, and more

The long-awaited DC Universe digital subscription service has finally arrived. This new service goes above and beyond for fans of DC Comics, offering access to classic TV shows and films, digital comic books, exclusive animated and live-action series such as the upcoming show Titans, and more.

DC Universe isn't the first subscription service to offer digital comics that we've seen. Marvel has its own service, Marvel Unlimited, which offers access to over 20,000 digital comics for $10 monthly and is a hit with comic book readers. However, DC's service truly takes the idea to the next level. It doesn't boast a number of comics available, and likely will have nowhere near as many available as Marvel's service does for some time. What it lacks in comics it makes up for in various other ways, such as by offering animated movies like Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, alongside epic films such as the original Superman, Batman: The Dark Knight, and more.

Having a DC Universe membership also gains you access to various television shows like Batman: The Animated Series and Wonder Woman which is available in HD for the first time ever exclusively for members. The upcoming show Titans will also debut exclusively on DC Universe on October 12, followed up by shows like Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Stargirl, and Harley Quinn in 2019. DC is celebrating the start of the service with 30 days of giveaways for members, so you'll definitely want to sign up for those. Members can also grab exclusive merchandise in the Members Only store that you won't be able to find for sale anywhere else.

Members will have no problem finding ways to take advantage of their subscription either, as DC Universe has debuted apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, and the Roku platform, so you'll be able to read the comics and watch the films or shows just about anywhere you'd like. Being able to read comics on a big screen TV is a pretty neat bonus too.

Best of all, the service is affordably priced at just $7.99 a month. Those who opt for an annual plan can save an additional 20% on the service and snag a 12-month membership for $74.99. Paying the annual fee saves you $21 in the long run and brings the monthly cost down to just $6.25. Annual members will also earn exclusive benefits and rewards which DC hasn't specified at this time.

You can try out the service now at no cost for seven days and see how you like it. Thanks to Batman Day, the service is now full of some awesome Batman content, but DC will no doubt be adding more films and comics based on its other characters as the weeks pass.

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