Grab this great USB hub/MacBook Air stand for $32

The MacBook Air is almost as thin as it gets for MacBooks, and though it becomes thinner as it angles toward your hands, it isn't always the most comfortable when typing on a table — ergonomics and all that.

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Enter the Sky Innovations MacBook Air stand and 4-port USB hub. This convenient accessory is the perfect size for your MacBook Air, elevating it to an angle of 18 degrees, making typing more comfortable. The 4-port USB hub is the real star of the show, however, with one port that connects to your MacBook and four ports that can charge up to four devices simultaneously. Or, connect your USB flash drives and enjoy not having to eject every time you need data from another source.

This USB hub/stand retails for $97, but at iMore Digital Offers it's just $31.99, a savings of 67%. This lightweight stand is incredibly portable, and it features overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection so that neither your devices nor your MacBook get fried.

A laptop stand is a great way to keep your wrists from getting sore and a USB hub is the perfect solution to a laptop with few ports, especially when you have a lot of devices on the go. If you want a minimalist stand that can go with you wherever you need it to, check out the Sky Innovations stand/USB hub, but don't check it out for $97. Check it out for $31.99 at iMore Digital Offers.

Grab this USB hub for just $32

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