DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket coming to Apple TV?

A new survey by DirecTV could indicate a future new addition for their NFL Sunday Ticket service. According to a tipster, the survey indicates the possibility of adding the service to currently unsupported devices that connect to the internet such as the current Apple TV.

NFL Sunday ticket already streams to PCs and mobile devices even if you don't have DirecTV. The survey indicates the addition of adding other platforms to the list of supported devices and also indicates a possible different pricing scheme depending on how you would want to subscribe to the service.

Nothing is final as of yet but surveys such as this have proven to be fairly accurate in the past at showing new features that are fixing to roll out. Would you be more up to spend the money on NFL Sunday Ticket if you could watch it on your Apple TV if you don't have DirecTV? Tell us your take on this service possibly coming to Apple TV next year in the comments section.

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