For anyone that's owned one, you'll know that the HomePod has great sound. But, if you're anything like me, while you may have wanted to pair two HomePods for an even better experience, you think it's generally been a little too expensive. Well, this Cyber Monday, you can get a HomePod for just $200 at Best Buy.

How bout them apples

Apple HomePod Speaker

The HomePod connects to AirPlay and Apple Music so you can start rocking out with the powerful integrated speakers. There are built-in mics for asking Siri for information, setting timers, controlling HomeKit devices, and much more.

$199.99 $299.99 $100 off

I love my HomePod's sound quality. It's easily the best speaker that I've personally owned. But it's a little expensive given that its only direct sources of content come from Apple. While Apple Music has a vast library, Beats 1 Radio, and countless fun playlists, many people still prefer Spotify or other music services.

But this discount changes the HomePod game. For $200 (honestly, probably closer to what the original price should have been), you get a fantastic speaker, and it's even easier to pick up two of them. With two, you can create a stereo pair, which actually produces a fuller, not just louder, sound, as the two HomePods share the audio load.

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A stereo pair of HomePods also makes a great sound system for the Apple TV. Just AirPlay your Apple TV's sound to the HomePod pair, and you're in for an immediate audio upgrade if you've just been using your TV's built-in speakers. Pair them with an AirPlay-capable sound bar, such as the Sonos Beam, and you've got a great wireless sound system in your entertainment setup.

The HomePod is a truly great speaker, now available at a truly great price, so pick one up now while this sale is still on.

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