Get these Amazon Prime Video Channels on the cheap for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Video Channels is one of the best-kept secrets Amazon has. First you'll need an Amazon Prime subscription. Chances are you already have that — and it's what gets you into Amazon Prime Video. But Amazon Prime Video Channels opens up a whole new world, with subscriptions to more channels than we could possibly list here.

But what we will list here are the channels that you can get on the cheap or Amazon Prime Day. You'll get a discount for the first three months, which should be plenty of time to check things out and kick the tires a little. But if you're anything like us, you'll quickly fall in love with all the great content, billed right to your Amazon account.

It's really that simple. Just note that all prices listed here are for the three-month promotional period, and you'll need to be a new subscriber to the channel. After that? You can watch on any device that has access to Amazon Prime Video.

So let's get to it. These are all the Amazon Prime Video Channels you can get discounted on Prime Day!

Phil Nickinson

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