How to use the Music app on Apple TV

The Music app on Apple TV gives you access to everything that Apple Music has to offer, including new tunes, suggestions for you, and Beats 1 radio. Plus, you can connect your personal music collection and stream your favorite albums, meticulously crafted playlists, and the soundtrack to your life. You can turn your home entertainment center into your personal deejay station.

The Music app is fairly easy to use once you know where everything is. Here's some of the basic, but important features.

How to navigate the Music app on Apple TV

The Music app icon on Apple TV is brightly colored hues of red, blue and purple with a big old white musical note sitting at the center.

The Music app icon on Apple TV

When you first open the Music app, you'll see a navigation bar at the top of the screen with related content display below it. The sections in the navigation bar are different, depending on whether you have an Apple Music subscription or not.

Without a subscription, your tabs will include Radio, My Music, Playlists, Search, and Now Playing. If you have an Apple Music subscription, you'll also see For You and New. When you log in with your Apple ID, Apple TV will automatically display the additional tabs.

You can swipe from one section to another in the navigation bar, and then swipe down from the navigation bar to browse content within a section.

News, Radio, and Playlists in Apple Music on Apple TV

How to search Apple Music and your music library in the Music app on Apple TV

Apple TV provides a universal search function in the Music app. You can search for artists, albums, and songs in your personal collection, or the Apple Music library.

In the Music app, swipe all the way to the right in the navigation bar to access the Search section and then swipe down to access the search field. You can either type or use Apple TV's Dictation feature to enter your search.

You can then swipe down to access All Apple Music, or swipe down and to the right to highlight My Music instead.

How to access your playlists in the Music app on Apple TV

If you are signed in with your Apple ID on Apple TV, all of the playlists that you have spend hours meticulously creating and perfecting will be accessible in the Music app. When you open the Music app, navigate to the Playlist tab and then swipe down to browse your playlists. When you find what you are looking for, select it to view the track listing. You can then press play on the Siri Remote, or just select a song to start playing it.

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