Want Hulu on Your iPad... as a Subscription Service?

MediaMemo is hearing from "multiple people familiar with the company" that the networks behind Hulu, NBC, FOX, and ABC, are still contemplating a version of Hulu for Apple's iPad -- but as a subscription service.

The problem is figuring out a way to keep the existing site free while adding new bells and whistles that consumers pay for. One idea the company and its backers like: Turning Hulu from a “one screen” service–one you’re only supposed to watch on your computer–to a “three screen” offering by adding support for TVs and mobile devices.

The "problem" is Big Media still thinks it's 1960 and fails to show any understanding or imagination when it comes to re-invisioning themselves for 2010's mobile, portable, ubiquitously connected culture.

But whatever. Would you pay a subscription to get a premium version of Hulu on your iPad?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Rene Ritchie

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