Product Red Macbook Air ConceptSource: u/17parkc

What you need to know

  • This concept showing a (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air is the 🔥 you need this Sunday.

Apple doesn't make a red MacBook Air and wow is that a mistake. Something made clear by this gorgeous (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air concept.

Posted to Reddit by u/17parkc, this concept shows us the iconic MacBook Air shape with the equally iconic (PRODUCT) RED color splashed all over it. We even get the (PRODUCT) RED branding below the traditional Apple logo on the lid as well. And now I don't think I'll be able to buy another computer until it's sold in bright red.


There have, of course, been (PRODUCT) RED computers before but they involved Microsoft and Dell and, as you'd expect, looked horrific.

Microsoft Bill Gates Product RedSource: Microsoft

Yes. That's Bono stood behind a nondescript Dell monitor.

Apple would presumably do a better job of a (PRODUCT) RED computer than Microsoft and Dell because it isn't Microsoft or Dell. It'd be nice to see Starbucks filled with people using these red machines the next time the world re-opens, wouldn't it?

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