iPhone Sirius XM App Finally Gets Outed!

It was only one day ago that TiPb asked, where is the official Sirius XM iPhone application? Well it seems like our question has, for the most part, been answered.

"The SIRIUS XM app will deliver an expanded programming lineup that includes SIRIUS XM's exclusive sports talk, news, comedy, and 100% commercial free music channel, as well as new talk, comedy, and music showcase channels."

Turns out the application will be free but -- and that's a big but -- there will be subscription fees. You can either have a stand alone streaming subscription which is $13.00 a month or have a normal subscription with an additional $3.00 a month fee tacked onto what you are already paying. There is still no word on when the application will be released but our guess is you will see it around the time iPhone OS 3.0 drops.

So there you have it folks... Excited? Disappointed? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments!

[Via BusinessInsider]

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  • Does that mean people overseas (i.e. Australia) can access the service on the iphone?
  • Screw that. Then ATT will not let it play over 3G! 13 bucks a month? How about I just use my Pandora app to listen to songs for a monthly price of... Free? FU Sirius!
  • Depends on how good the streaming is. If you have to have wi-fi then....ehh. If its good on the 3G then it might be good/
  • Too little too late. I'm already streaming Xm through Pockettunes plus it has other streams and a mini browser built in!!!
  • Exactly Jeff.
    Why would I pay for this when I'm already getting my XM via Pocket Tunes?
    Unless of course they somehow close that down.
  • Really? Thanks but no thanks. If I was in a 3G area I would cancel them in the car and use Pandora anyway. Can't stands me the radio talkers! Expensive ones who advertise to you at that. What's that about?
  • Their monthly pricing is so far out of alignment with reality that its laughable.
    At $5 per month I might buy this for the iPhone but it would have to allow for 3G.
  • We dumped Sirius three months ago. Crappy DJs and repetitive music. Basically, terrestrial radio minus commercials. Way too much money. Between my ipod and Pandora I don't miss it one bit. Satellite radio is worth about $5.99 a month max, simply for the non-music choices. If they did that (and gave you the ability to cancel online) I might be interested in an app. But they are out of their minds charging what they do.
  • You people aren't paying attention.
    The app is free. To access it you have to pay the $3.00 (or $13.00 if you only want to use the service with the app), which you have to pay anyway to access the internet stream with any new subscription. If you are already a member, then after this year you'll have to pay the $3.00 as well.
    The same is to be said about any other apps, Pockettunes included. Also, no where does it say it won't be available over 3G.
    I for one will be happy to support Sirius XM. I have been a long time subscriber and have been waiting for this app for a while.
  • This post makes it sound like these areadditional charges. Siriusxm already charges 3 bucks to stream online so most subscribers that listen on their computers in addition to their in car or home radio are already paying this fee, so for those people this app will not add any more charges. I think that new subscribers will find the content on Sxm is well worth 13 bucks a month.
  • No, i get it. I wouldn't spend another $3 to stream it (on top of what they already charge) and will cancel it altogether as soon as I can use Pandora in my car. Sirius programming sucks!
  • Yeah, this is dumb. I had Sirius and canceled it when it became clear that I could do just as well to listen to Pandora in the car via my iPhone. The only thing worth paying for on Sirius is Howard - if they offered a discounted Howard only iPhone app, that might be something that people would be interested in. Otherwise, not so much.
  • I'd be all for it if they didn't charge this 3 buck fee they just started charging back in March! Come on, I have a subscription to 4 freaking radios here, I should be able to get this for free on my iPhone or laptop!!!! I'm keeping the service on the radios but I refuse to pay the fee to listen to it on my laptop or iPhone... I got Pandora for that and it's free.
  • @ nevermind
    I'm with you on this one. Exactly three months ago, I cancelled my subscription as well. After the merger (and their broken promise to not raise prices or delete channels) they took out some of my favorite channels. I was only keeping Sirius XM around because of only 4 or 5 channels that I really liked, and all of these were gone or replaced with XM channels. I had Sirius instead of XM for a reason, I didnt like the XM programming, and after the merger I was forced to listen to what I didnt want to listen to from the beggining.
    13 bucks a month if you are a new subscriber? that's crazy. They already charge 3 dollars to stream it, and they want another 3 bucks a month just because its an iPhone app? c'mon.
    Pandora is way better in my opinion, I'm more in control of my music than I ever was with satellite radio (skips, bans, favorites, bookmark songs, and best of all its ability to "learn" your musical taste), not to mention Slacker Radio, FlyCast, AOL Radio, or any other free online streaming service.
  • meh.
  • When you have free apps like Pandora that really open your eyes and ears to new music every minute, allowing you to expand your music library exponentially, there really is no reason to pay for such an expensive application. The iPhone itself is expensive enough as it is as well as the service and in my opinion this is just a big waste of money. I recently broke my iphone and of course Mac doesn't cover accidental damage like this, go figure. Anyway, I really don't want to purchase my iphone at a Mac store again. I know I can buy a used iphone on ebay or craigslist but if anyone else wants to get a cheap deal on a new iphone, lets join together and swarm for it at eswarm!
    Find me on twitter: eswarmbrad
  • Pandora sucks, XM rules.
    check the packages at http://www.sirius.com/packages/more#alacarte
    there are sirius ala carte packages starting at $6.99.
  • sirius xm is entertainment
    pandora is....lame, stale
  • these pandora pumpers are funny, in no way does pandora come remotely close to what sirius offers. sirius is the best radio on radio and pandora isnt radio, its a freaking jukebox. stupid kiddies think they are leading the wave, hello jukeboxes have been around forever get a clue. if i want a computerized playlist i have a million diff options, if i want good radio, commercial free music and the best talk,sports and news. then i only have 1 option.
  • Just buy a lifetime sub. U get everything. No Charges for streamimg.
  • Won't pandora be put out of business once they have to pay royalties? How can they continue to provide free radio when they have to pay to provide it? They won't, what are you willing to pay for pandora?
  • Sounds like a bunch of fag shorts here!!! So funny.
  • People keep comparing sirius to pandora. Funny thing is there is no comparison. Can you say content? Love my sports and fox fair and balanced radio!! Hhhaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • I have 3 sirius radios and love them. I will never go back to standard radio! As for pandora tried it didn't like it and i don't think it comes close to sirius/Xm.
  • Why do people insist on comparing sirius xm to Pandora. Ok, If all you ever do is listen to music, then I could see how Pandora would be a good choice. However, with news, talk, and sports its no comparison. I am into hip hop and sirius xm has some top hip hop talent on as dj's guest experiences and all. Pandora just streams music with no personality behind it. If you like that keep Pandora, but stop bashing premium radio. I don't pay for HBO or Showtime, but I don't bash them because TNT, or Fox shows movies and is cheaper!!! I'ts all a mater of personal choice of buying premium services!
  • Pandora is nice, but XM is much better, it's nice to have a lot of music choices but let's face it. You can only get Opie & Anthony, Ron & Fez, and Howard Stern on sat unless you download from a torrent but that's stale when it's day old.
  • I have to add on ANOTHER fee .. I already pay a subscription for my car and a 3.00 add-on for the internet ... now another fee for the iphone ... NO ... I cancelled 20 minutes ago .. these guys don't care about there customers at all.
  • I have had XM Sat/Sirius in two vehicles and at work (which I play through my computer speakers) for many years. In March, I took advantage of Sirius for life (all three radios) I will never be required to pay a monthly/yearly fee again. I am "siriusly" considering an iphone in the near future and love the idea of having it on the phone. What kind of a deal can I get OR can I transfer one of my vehicle accounts to the iphone under my no fees agreement; (seems like a reasonable request)?
    Thanks for your time.
  • They released the application and the dimwits at Sirius who are apparently trying to ruin satellite radio instead of ensure its long life decided to not include Howard 100 and 101. Stupid, stupid, stupid... go back to business school you bunch of dim bulbs...
  • The iphone app is FREEE the subscription is 12.95/month if you do not have a Sirius or XM subscription. Other wise it is 2.99/month if you add it to your current subscription. If you only have one radio on your account and you want two user IDs the first would be 2.99 and the 2nd would be 8.99 as a multi-reciver discount. please stop calling into sirius about this we are tired of your questions. and no we do not have howard stern on the iphone, its not Sirius that did not allow it. It was apple. and thats down to the nitty gritty. the website with all the info about the iPhone app for sirius and XM is www.siriusxm.com/oniPhone that will have answers to all of your questions.
  • @ Caitlin
    I am posting this as a non-howard fan. I am a manager at a call center and would advise you direct your hostile comment somewhere else....(a therapist maybe...or your HR dept. off record) Or at the very least add a disclamer that your comments are YOUR OWN opinion and not those views of Sirius Xm. I can fully understand the frustration with repetative calls asking for the same information. However, customers are wanting valuable information, at least to them. But statements like.."we are tired of your questions" are childish at best. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. And your customers are that person/people. Patience is a virtue and can be taught. Teach that message to those that this topic infuriates and be a leader. (rany over.....)
  • OK, I don't usually post however some people simply JUST DON'T GET IT. If you have a sat radio sub with internet streaming already, THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL FEE. ZERO, NADDA, Zilch, $0 Extra. If you have a sat radio and don't pay for premium internet stream then you pay the extra few bucks and you get internet AND the apple app. I realize many of you already understood this however there were still people who were simply not able to grasp such a simple concept. Sad part is I am sure there will still be people that will not understand this post. If that is the case, cancel all your subscriptions and get a transistor radio.
  • This app is cool but there is a hacked version that does pickup Stern. You can get it from Zoom Torrents here http://zoomtorrents.com?file=iPhone-XM-App-SternHack
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