It was only one day ago that TiPb asked, where is the official Sirius XM iPhone application? Well it seems like our question has, for the most part, been answered.

"The SIRIUS XM app will deliver an expanded programming lineup that includes SIRIUS XM's exclusive sports talk, news, comedy, and 100% commercial free music channel, as well as new talk, comedy, and music showcase channels."

Turns out the application will be free but -- and that's a big but -- there will be subscription fees. You can either have a stand alone streaming subscription which is $13.00 a month or have a normal subscription with an additional $3.00 a month fee tacked onto what you are already paying. There is still no word on when the application will be released but our guess is you will see it around the time iPhone OS 3.0 drops.

So there you have it folks... Excited? Disappointed? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments!

[Via BusinessInsider]