Join DC Universe and save 20% on an annual membership today

Having a DC Universe membership gives you unlimited access to original DC series, beloved films and TV shows, animated movies, a curated list of comics, and more. While the service normally costs $7.99 monthly, today you can start your membership for practically $5 per month by signing up for an annual membership. For a limited time, DC Universe is celebrating the end of 2019 by offering new members a year-long subscription at 20% off!

This deal requires that you pay for the full year's cost upfront, but with a single $59.99 payment, you'll be free to watch and access every DC Universe perk through 2020. You'll also receive a free 7-day trial tacked on to the beginning of your membership so you can cancel before it charges you in a week, just in case you've decided it's not the right service for you.


DC Universe 1-year Subscription

Watch exclusive original DC series, animated films, and even some classic superhero flicks and TV shows with a DC Universe subscription. It also includes access to a bevy of DC comics, special member discounts, and more. Today's deal saves you 20%!

Paying for the full year up-front is a smart idea in more ways than one. Annual members receive a few extra benefits that monthly subscribers lose out on. Then again, if you don't have $60 to spend today, you can also score a deal on the monthly DC Universe plan which is currently on sale for just $5.99/month. There's no guarantee of how long you'll be able to keep that price though, so it'd be wise to take the site up on its year-long offer if you can.

DC Universe isn't the first subscription service to offer digital comics that we've seen. Marvel has its own service, Marvel Unlimited, which offers access to over 20,000 digital comics for $10 monthly and is a hit with comic book readers. However, DC's service truly takes the idea to the next level. It boasts the same number of comics available, while also offering animated movies like Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, alongside epic films such as the original Superman, Batman: The Dark Knight, and more.

To learn more about DC Universe, be sure to read over Thrifter's overview of the service.

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