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See family and friends with Portal by Facebook now as low as $65 for Black Friday

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This winter is sure to be a bit different than most. With social distancing so important this year to the safety and well-being of our friends, family members, and ourselves, you might be wondering how you might possibly get through the end of the year without spending time with those you care about. Thankfully, new Black Friday deals on Portal by Facebook devices are now live to help make sure you can see your loved ones whenever you choose.

Select Portal by Facebook devices are now up to $65 off (opens in new tab), which means this week's sale is offering some of the best discounts to be found on these devices so far. Prices start as low as $65, though you'll want to shop soon as these deals are only good through November 30. Shipping is free.

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Portal by Facebook (opens in new tab)

Portal by Facebook lets you connect and videochat with friends and family members while you're far apart. This Black Friday sale offers up to $65 off select models including the Portal Mini, Portal TV, Portal, and Portal+.

The Portal Mini (opens in new tab) is the most affordable option this Black Friday, now on sale for just $65. This 8-inch device lets you easily video call other Portal users, or even just Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp users, using its built-in apps. The Smart Camera tracks you and adjusts to follow you around, meaning you could, for instance, chat with your dad while cooking dinner, or hang out with long-distance relatives while they open up their birthday presents. It features Alexa built-in so you can control your smart home, check who's at the front door, listen to your favorite music, and more hands-free. When not in use, it can also be used as a digital photo frame showing you your favorite Instagram photos.

The larger, 10-inch Portal (opens in new tab) is much the same but comes with a larger display for doing all of the above. It's $50 off at only $129. However, an even nicer pickup would be the Portal Plus (opens in new tab). This model is $50 off today as well, features a 15.6-inch display that can be set up in portrait or landscape orientations, and has an improved speaker system. You can mix and match the devices you buy and they'll all communicate well together regardless of the sizes you go for.

Another option to consider that's on sale today is the Portal TV (opens in new tab). Currently $20 off, this device hooks into your TV so you can use it as a Portal to see and speak with your friends and family.

If you have any privacy concerns, note that Facebook doesn't listen to, view, or keep the contents of your Portal video calls. Every call is encrypted, and you can easily block the camera with the included cover or disable the camera and microphone with a single tap. You must have a Facebook account to use Portal devices, though not everyone on the call has to have a Portal device thankfully. They can use their own device and its built-in camera and microphone to begin chatting with you.

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  • If you think I would put a camera and microphone connected to Facebook in my house, you’re OUT OF YOUR MIND.