Comic: Keep your paws off my MacBook Air ports!

holding protest sign KEEP YOUR PAWS OFF MY PORTS i see you're excited about the 12-inch macbook air rumor. how am i supposed to work on a machine with one usb port? - maybe this is a sign you need a macbook pro?

apple thinks i'm!

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Rich Stevens

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  • Still. Laughing. It's amazing how the lines between the products blur. I switched from a 13-inch MacBook Air to a 13-inch MacBook Pro late last year and I'm loving it so far. I really liked the battery life on the Air but it didn't have the video crunching power I needed. Now I have that power but not quite as much battery life. Everything is absolutely a compromise. But I'm glad Apple not only thinks I'm a pro as well, but makes a machine that fits those needs while still letting me travel withe ease. And can I once again say how much I love these comics?
  • I'm so torn on this rumor... one part of me loves trying whatever dumb form factor comes along just to prove that I can misuse it and get work done, but the other part of me has a laptop with a Thunderbolt dock that I still manage to plug six cords into. Thanks! I'm really digging doing these.
  • I really hope they don't take away the Magsafe port. It's so satisfying every time you plug it in. Plus isn't the whole point of it to be safer in case someone knocks the cord out your computer doesn't go flying? This commercial comes to mind
  • I love everything about this comic. I love the pixel art. I love the rainbow shirt. I love the pointing out the obvious thing all the people whining about ports keep missing. If you can't survive with 1 USB port, you're not a casual user. You're a pro user, and should be using the Pro hardware. It's not going anywhere. Plus lets not forget that it's, you know... an unsubstantiated RUMOR.
  • I can count on three fingers the times my daughter needed to use thunderbolt on her Air, but the MagSafe adapter saves one of our laptops from a clumsy human or rampaging pet almost monthly. It truly is one of Apple's most brilliant and under appreciated design contributions. Getting rid of that would be be mistake.
  • If they actually only make one usbport then they should make the pro with 4 ports. I do not consider masked a pro at all but I do have the 15 inch MacBook Pro (because of the screen size). But if I charge my phone. And have a mouse plugged in then I don't have any more space. And while I am traveling it would be nice if it could also charge my external iPhone charger and plug in my external hard drive. Sent from the iMore App
  • Nice one!
  • i am loving these new comics