Led Zeppelin collection reportedly headed for Spotify today

Spotify already boasts one of the largest libraries of all the music streaming services, and will today reportedly get access to one of the biggest jewels in the crown; Led Zeppelin. Following on from adding such artists as Metallica and Pink Floyd in recent memory, according to the New York Times another box will get ticked today:

Spotify will announce at a news conference in Manhattan on Wednesday morning that Led Zeppelin — which has so far refused to license its music for streaming — will join its catalog, according to people briefed on the deal who were not authorized to speak publicly about it.

Sure, you can buy Led Zeppelin music in iTunes, but so far the band has refused to allow its content for use on streaming services. A deal such as this would not only reaffirm Spotify as possibly the biggest name in the streaming world, but also represent the continuing shift the music world takes towards delivering content in this way.

Also rumored for todays press conference is a new, free mobile offering with ad-supported music streams delivered similar to the current free desktop offering. Whatever happens, we'll report back when we know more.

Source: New York Times

Richard Devine

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