Long lost Steve Jobs interview to be making its way to theaters soon?

The once lost footage of Steve Jobs' 70 minute Triumph of the Nerds interview have been found in London, restored and enhanced, and is soon to be making its way to the big screen.

After Jobs died, Sen went looking for the interview because he thought it would be interesting to watch. He dropped Cringely a line telling him of his find and suggested that perhaps Cringely could put it on his technology blog I Cringely as a "gift to the world.""He didn't see any commercial value in it," Cringely said. "I have three kids I have to put through college, so I thought maybe we could sell it."Cringely sent Landmark Theatres co-owner Mark Cuban an email late one night to see whether there would be any interest in screening it on Landmark screens. Less than five minutes later, Cuban fired back that he was game.

The film will be titled Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview and will debut on November 16. This Paul Sen film has not yet been rated, but it is hyped as "best TV interview Steve Jobs ever gave", so don't let the opportunity to check it out pass you by.

Source: MovieCityNews, LA Times Blog

Jared DiPane

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