What you need to know

  • A new Mandalorian Season 2 trailer has arrived, and with it we get a glimpse at the story for this season: bringing The Child home.
  • The Mandalorian is ordered by The Armorer to reunite The Child with its kind — the Jedi.
  • The journey obviously is fraught with dangers, and the trailer features a blacked-out fight scene that sounds amazing.
  • Season 2 of The Mandalorian arrives October 30 on Disney+.

The Mandalorian is far and away the biggest hit on Disney+ to date, and after the first season wrapped up in December, people just can't get enough of The Child and the Mandalorian — but mostly the child, because just look at how adorable he is!! Season Two was underway when the pandemic shut down almost all film and television production back in March, but luckily The Mandalorian was able to get its filming finished on time for us to get more space western action on time.

Mandalorian Poster SeasonSource: Disney+

Season 2 starts streaming October 30 — just in time for everyone to cosplay as their favorite bounty hunter turned babysitter for Halloween — and now that we're six weeks out, Disney+ has given us a new jam-packed trailer with a look at the story ahead and the action that inevitably follows our unlikely crew. The Armorer — head of the order the Mandalorian follows — orders our protagonist to take The Child across the stars and reunite it with its kind, a "race of enemy sorcerers" called the Jedi.

We don't get another peek at the darksaber villain Moff Gideon was wielding in the season one finale — a blade with deep Mandalorian history — but most of our friends from last season are back, and so are a whole lot of people to fight, as we hear the Mandalorian take out half a dozen ambushing fightings while ring-side at an underground fighting tournament.

I don't know about you, but I need more immediately. This is the way.

This is the way

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