Ralph Mcquarrie Star Wars concept art

Update: Congratulations to Lynk12, the winner of the contest!

Today is May 4, and for nearly a decade, it's been celebrated as Star Wars Day because, you know, "May the Fourth be with you." To celebrate this galactic occasion, we're giving away a copy of the Star Wars Six Movie Collection to one lucky winner.

To enter, add your comment to the bottom of this post with the Star Wars character you identify with most. It could be one of the newest additions to the Star Wars Universe, like Rose from The Last Jedi, or one of the background characters from the original trilogy, like Ponda Baba (though, I feel bad for you if you identify with a guy that gets his arm chopped off for being a jerk at a bar).

The winner will be selected at random and will receive one copy of the Star Wars Six Movie collection in the form of an iTunes gift card, a $79.99 value. You must be over the age of 18 to participate.

Note: We are only able to send gift certificates in the U.S.. If a winner is chosen outside of the U.S., he or she will be mailed a physical copy of Star Wars: The Complete Saga (9-Disc Collection) on Blu-Ray, a $74.99 value.

The contest ends today, May 4, at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Only one comment per person will be included in this contest. We will delete any additional comments from the same person before the winner is chosen.

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