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You keep searching for that hilarious cat video you saw two weeks ago, but it's been lost in the depths of YouTube and hours of searching are in vain. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just download that video so that you could laugh at kitty antics any time? Or, if you're taking college courses online and your internet goes down, it'd be pretty handy to be able to watch all of your lectures offline.

You need an app that lets you download any type of video file from the internet since websites use so many different types of players and formats. There are plenty of video downloaders floating around the interwebs (some of them reputable, others not-so-legal), but you want one that's going to download any video from any site, so that you're never without your favorite movie, TV shows, and talking parrot videos (my favorite!).

MovieSherlock Pro is the video downloader you need and the one your deserve since it can help you download videos onto your Mac, while maintaining the high quality of HD downloads. Thanks to its iTunes integration, you can add movies, music, TV shows, and more to your iPhone or iPad without having to download extraneous, complicated conversion apps!

You can download multiple videos at a time, in their native format (no stretching or squishing) 15 times faster than real time, so you don't have to wait a day to see the latest episode of your favorite show – you get to watch in minutes!

Software like this can cost upwards of $40, but right now through iMore offers, you can get MovieSherlock Pro for only $15 (62% off)!

You want your movies, your favorite YouTube videos, your college lectures, and any other video you find on the internet on your Mac; you want them fast and you want them in the quality that they were meant to be viewed.

You want MovieSherlock Pro and you definitely want it for only $15 from iMore Offers!

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