Netflix's new pricing model starts, Starz content stops

Today's the day when Netflix's new, and potentially more pricy, split DVD/streaming plans start, and also the day Starz says they've broken off talk for Netflix to carry their content.

Starz said it made the decision to “protect the premium nature of our brand by preserving the appropriate pricing and packaging of our exclusive and highly valuable content,” according to a statement issued today.

And once again I'll counter by saying when Hollywood thinks they're content is undervalued, they fail to realize it's being massively overvalued already.

Consumers have shown time and time again that they're willing to pay a fair price for the content they want to enjoy, when they want to enjoy it. Hollywood has shown time and time again that they consider customers the enemy. But if Starz isn't available where the market wants it, the market will turn to something else, or will find an alternate way to get it. Apple figured this out years ago with iTunes Music. We'll see if Hollywood ever does, or if the greed of past, artificially inflated business models blinds them to the potential of new, consumer friendly ones.

[Bloomberg via the all new, all great looking The Loop]

Rene Ritchie

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