Apple's HomePod mini is only a year old, but that doesn't mean you can't get a decent deal thanks to Black Friday. Just a few weeks ago, Apple unveiled three brand new colors of HomePod mini that have now been on sale for less than a month, however, B&H is offering a slight but still cool $5 off every single color of HomePod mini right now.

That means savings on the new yellow, orange, and blue colors that were unveiled in October alongside the new MacBook Pro (2021). This might not be one of the best HomePod mini deals we've seen in terms of pure pricing, but it is the first opportunity we've seen to save money on Apple's brand new colors. Considering HomePod mini discounts are rare and fairly slight, that's a great opportunity for a product less than a month old.

$5 off every single color of HomePod mini

Homepod Mini 2021 Colors Render Cropped

HomePod mini | $5 off at B&H

Apple's HomePod mini is only a year old, and its new colors have been on shelves less than a month, making this saving across the entire range a nice little discount.

Apple's HomePod mini features punchy audio, Siri, HomeKit support, intercom, and more. It's packed in a tiny form factor and has no right to be this loud or this clear for its size. I conducted iMore's HomePod mini review and can report it is absolutely awesome, here's a snippet:

The HomePod mini is a tremendously small, versatile, and incredibly loud smart speaker. It is a perfect addition to any home where Apple is already the ecosystem of choice. It would make a great gift for any Apple Music user, or anyone with Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and more. For a speaker of this size, the audio experience is rich, balanced, and never distorts no matter how loud you take it. The $99 price tag means all of the control and versatility of Apple's original HomePod is now accessible to so many more people, thanks to its cheaper price tag and smaller form factor.

Here are some other HomePod mini deals you can pick up in advance of Black Friday.

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