New MacBook Air 13-inch teardown reveals larger battery and smaller SSD

Unveiling the new line of Haswell powered MacBook Air's at WWDC 2013, Apple touted some really impressive battery life, and in part at least, some of that may be down to a larger battery. The folks at iFixit got hold of a new 13-inch Air and did their thing on it, and revealed a couple of interesting facts about what lies inside.

The battery in the new 13-inch Air is up to 7150mAh from the 6700mAh power plant inside the 2012 model. We also see an updated AirPort card with a Broadcom 802.11ac WiFi chip within. The PCIe SSD module in the new 13-inch Air is also physically smaller than previous SSD modules, and is made by Samsung, for what it's worth.

iFixit scored the new 13-inch MacBook Air a 4/10 for repairability, citing proprietary screws and components as the main negatives. They did say though, that once you take the bottom cover off, everything is pretty accessible. And of course, as with previous generations, you won't be performing any self-upgrades on this one.

Source: iFixit

Richard Devine

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