Niantic postpones March Community Day in Pokémon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Pokemon Go Community Day
Pokemon Go Community Day (Image credit: Niantic)

Abra won't get its special day this month, but Pokémon Go will be making it easier to play without the crowds.

What you need to know

  • Niantic has officially postponed the March Community Day for Pokémon Go.
  • In a similar announcement, the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day was also postponed.
  • Niantic is also making changes to Pokémon Go to make solo play more rewarding.

Niantic took to Twitter tonight to announce the postponement of Community Day events in Pokémon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Citing the risks presented by COVID-19 and their commitment to the health and safety of their players, both of these monthly gatherings are postponed until further notice. In addition to postponing Community Days, Niantic also announced changes it is making to Pokémon Go, to make the game more rewarding for solo play.

Now available to players for an in-app purchase is a bundle of 30 Incense for one PokéCoin. Incense, a special in game item that draws wild Pokémon near, will also last for an hour each, instead of the usual 30 minutes. In addition to this special bundle, the following bonuses have been applied to Pokémon Go until further notice:

  • Hatch Distance for Eggs placed into Incubators during this time period has been cut in half.
  • Gifts are dropping more frequently from PokéStops.
  • More Pokémon are spawning in the wild and their habitats are expanding.

At this time, Niantic has not announced similar changes to Harry Potter Wizards Unite, but we will be the first to update you if such changes are announced.

Will these changes be enough to keep you playing Pokémon Go during this time of social distancing? If so, be sure to check out our Complete Pokédex, as well as our many Pokémon Go Guides, but, as always, play safe Trainers.

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