Pokémon Go hosts final Darkrai Raid Hour

Pokemon Go Darkrai banner
Pokemon Go Darkrai banner (Image credit: Niantic)

What you need to know

  • Pokémon Go will hold it's final Legendary Raid Hour of the month tonight.
  • Although Darkrai will continue to show up in Legendary Raids through Halloween, this Raid Hour will see most gyms taken over by Darkrai Raids.
  • The Legendary Raid Hour will run from 6 pm til 7 pm local time on Wednesday October 30th.

While the Mythical Dark type Pokémon has been plentiful in Legendary Raids for the last two weeks, for one hour only tonight, it will take over nearly every Gym for the final Legendary Raid hour both of the month and of the Halloween Event. If you have yet to catch one of your own Nightmare Pokémon or if you just want to add a few more to your collection, tonight is the best time to do so. Although Darkrai Raids will still be available through the end of Halloween, they will be fewer and farther between. There will also be far fewer players on Halloween itself, both due to the holiday and due to the increased traffic Legendary Raid Hours generate.

Needing a minimum of 4 high level players with strong counters or at least 8 lower level players, Darkrai is no pushover. Lower level players or those with few of the strong counters for Darkrai should consider planning ahead with other local players to form teams for tackling these raids. The best counters for Darkrai are:

  • Fighting types such as Machamp, Hariyama, Toxicroak, Heracross, Breloom, Blaziken, Emboar and Lucario
  • Fairy types such as Togekiss, Granbull and Gardevoir
  • Bug types such as Yanmega, Pinsir and Scizor

It is recommended that players have some from each category of recommended Pokémon because Darkrai's move set, as well as the weather, make a significant difference. For more information on how to tackle this Legendary Raid, see our Darkrai Guide. Best of luck trainers!

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