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What you need to know

  • An update to the Willow Report Looming Shadows features Team Instinct's Spark and Team Go Rocket's Sierra.
  • Professor Willow has decided that collaboration between teams will be key going forward.
  • We expect the next update will feature Candella of Team Valor and the last of the Team Go Rocket Executives, Arlo.

Pokémon Go's developing storyline, Looming Shadows got another update today in the form of a new Willow Report. While Professor Willow has continued to work with Team Mystic's Leader, Blanche on fixing the malfunctioning Rocket Radar, Team Instinct's Leader, Spark decided to do a field test of his own. Ever impulsive Spark had grown concerned that Team Go Rocket was not only stealing items from Pokéstops but also Eggs. Wanting to save the Pokémon babies from the same fate that has befallen so many Shadow Pokémon, he took the Rocket Radar out for an unauthorized test.

After having saved a few Eggs, Team Go Rocket's Sierra approached Spark and mocked his efforts. Far more in keeping with what players have come to expect from Team Rocket, the only thing Sierra and her colleague Cliff seem have in common is intimidation. Spark said his encounter with Sierra left him feeling small, saying she was more experienced than the Grunts or even himself. Unlike Blanche, however, Spark didn't freeze up and challenged Sierra to a battle - only to have forgotten to bring even one Pokémon with him. Sierra dismissed him before disappearing back into the Shadows.

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After a reprimand, Professor Willow realized that both Blanche and Spark had valuable contributions to this project. Whether this realization will mean that cooperation between teams will extend to gameplay or only within the storyline is yet to be seen but based on the released Willow Reports, Team Valor can look forward to seeing their leader, Candela encounter Team Go Rocket's Arlo in the next couple days.

Do you hope to work together with players from the other two teams to defeat Team Go Rocket? Are you just as excited as we are that Pokémon Go is finally getting a more developed storyline? Drop us a comment below and we'll be sure to keep you updated on the latest Pokémon Go news!

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