Pokémon Go Looming Shadows update introduces Arlo

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Arlo
Pokemon Go Team Rocket Arlo (Image credit: Niantic)

What you need to know

  • Right on schedule, another update to the Willow Report further develops Candela and introduces Arlo.
  • Unlike Blanche or Spark, Candela's interaction with the latest Team Go Rocket Executive is deeply personal.
  • The Rocket Radar prototype has been perfected.

Another update to the Willow Report has dropped, hinting that the Looming Shadows storyline will be bringing new features to Pokémon Go very soon. In this edition of the Willow Report, Professor Willow had grown concerned about Team Valor's Leader, Candela who had been restless and aimless. Professor Willow took Candela out into the field in hopes of channeling her energy to get her focus back on the task at hand. Once they left the confines of the lab, Candela confided in Professor Willow what had really been bothering her. Unlike her fellow Team Leaders, Candela had a very personal stake in the new information they had decrypted concerning Team Go Rocket. The third Executive whose image they had come across was once a close friend of Candela's. Arlo had once been a member of Team Valor but disappeared shortly after Candela took on the leadership of the Team.

Seeing him for the first time in a long while shook her confidence and had Candela questioning how someoen she knew so well could turn to a life of crime with Team Go Rocket. As predicted, the pair encountered Arlo in the field. They found him surrounded by many Shadow Pokémon but, putting aside her usual brash and impulsive behavior, Candela recognized that they were in no position to take on so many Shadow Pokémon and the pair retreated, presumably without being spotted by Arlo.

Upon returning to the lab, Candela had her focus and determination back. She quickly came to the realization that the players collecting more mysterious components would be the key to taking on Team Go Rocket once and for all. With her insight, the three Team Leaders and Professor Willow were able to perfect the Rocket Radar prototype. As this storyline is wrapping up, it's clear the new gameplay features are closer than ever.

Do you have thoughts on this latest development? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for your chance at building your own Rocket Radar? Let us know in the comments below and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as there is another update!

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