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What you need to know

  • Starting at 8 AM, November 5 2019, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account began sending out messages for the Looming Shadows storyline.
  • All throughout the day, messages from the Team Go Rocket Leaders will be posted.
  • We'll keep you updated as each new message is posted.

At 8 AM on November 5, 2019, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account sent out a tweet announcing that all day it would be posting messages from the Team Go Rocket Leaders. It is unclear if these are the encrypted messages which were announced yesterday or if these messages are new but we will be sure to keep you updated as this story develops.

A threat from Cliff to Blanche

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The first of these messages dropped at 10 AM and addressed to Team Mystic's Leader, Blanche:

Blanche. You overthink. You overcalculate. You overcomplicate. But can't you see? It's pretty simple. Your time as a leader is OVER!!!

Sierra taunts Spark

Pokemon Go Looming Shadows SierraSource: Niantic

The next message was posted at 1 PM. Team Go Rocket's Sierra took time to taunt Team Instinct's Leader Spark:

Spark. Your naïve positivity is laughable and will be your undoing. The world is so very cruel. I'll make sure to remind you soon.

Arlo is coming for Candela

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Another message went up at 4 PM from Team Go Rocket's Arlo, threatening Team Valor's Leader Candela:

Candela. After all this time, you still haven't changed. Tsk. Remember, fire is a fickle thing. When controlled, it provides warmth, but in the wrong hands, it burns. You will regret the day you took what was rightfully mine.

Mysterious Components

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Mysterious ComponentSource: Niantic

At 4:30 PM, another message went up, addressing reports of players receiving Mysterious Components from Team Go Rocket battles, and confirming that this is not yet globally available:

We've received reports of Trainers finding Mysterious Components in a few parts of the world. 🤔 It looks to be a contained phenomenon. For now... 😨

What does this all mean?

While we can only speculate what these updates will mean in terms of Looming Shadows finally coming to Pokémon Go gameplay, this is the first time since the start of Looming Shadows that updates have dropped more frequently than every other day. The last couple updates that had been posted prior to today also seemed to be gearing up to this event finally launching, as well. It would seem that Pokémon Go is building up to this update finally reaching the game, perhaps even in the next couple of days. So far, we know that at least a part of the Looming Shadows update will involve Special Research but we do not know if that Special Research will be limited to an event or a permanent addition to the game.

Questions or speculation about Looming Shadows?

Do you have any questions about this upcoming update to Pokémon Go? Do you have thoughts on how Looming Shadows will finally be implemented? Drop us a comment below and check back often! We'll keep you updated as soon as new information becomes available!

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