A new feature has been confirmed to be headed to Pokémon Go, but it doesn't do much yet. Promo codes, text tokens you'll be able to enter, will open up a whole new world of experiences for people still actively playing the game.

Here's what we know so far!

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Promo codes in the app

The text field for Promo codes has already been discovered in the Android app, at the bottom of the Shop. Since there are no codes to enter, it doesn't do anything yet. This text field doesn't exist in the iOS version of the app yet and likely never will as it violates Apple's Terms of Service.

Niantic has run into this particular problem before with its other game, Ingress. For iOS Ingress players, a separate website is required for entering promo codes. It's likely we'll see something similar for the iOS version of Pokémon Go, in which case all you'll need to do is bookmark the page and enter in codes whenever you find one.

Once you enter a code in, the reward is immediately made available in your Pokémon Go account.

What will the promo codes unlock?

Niantic hasn't said anything official yet about the things promo codes will unlock. Ingress promo codes, which are called passcodes in that game, unlocked a variety of things. Since the company has a history of using this same tool in Ingress, there's a lot we can infer. It's likely we can expect several levels of promo codes. The first tier will likely be easy to find everywhere, even shared directly from Niantic Twitter accounts. In these you'll probably find:

  • Stardust
  • Modules
  • PokéCoins

The second tier will be a little more challenging to track down, maybe embedded in images or hidden in the Pokémon Go blog. These will probably contain:

  • Upgrades
  • Master Balls
  • Lucky Eggs

Third tier codes, if Niantic goes this route, are probably going to be the most rewarding but will be very difficult to find. Expect these to be only available during special events but containing goodies like:

  • Evolution Items
  • Unique Modules
  • Rare Pokémon

Where will I be able to find these codes?

In the past, Niantic has leaned on partnerships with other companies to deliver Ingress passcodes. With Pokémon Go, Niantic has many partners to work with, so it won't be impossible to see things like:

  • Daily promo code cards at Starbucks locations
  • Hidden promo code stashes at Knight Foundation events
  • Promo code items that can only be found at Sprint locations

Of course, there will likely also be exclusive promo codes for items and Pokémon that can only be found by interacting with Niantic staff at specific Pokemon Go events around the world. Niantic hasn't gone this route yet with Pokémon Go, but with the new Raids system hiding in the game code and promo codes on the horizon it's an easy guess to make considering a very similar thing is done with Ingress.

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