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What you need to know

  • Team Go Rocket Grunts have begun dropping Mysterious Components.
  • The Mysterious Components are used by Grunts to take over Pokéstops and steal resources.
  • Professor Willow has speculated that these items have a greater, more sinister purpose.

Since the start of Pokémon Go, the most significant missing piece has always been the storyline. While players get snippets of story with Special Research, that's nothing compared to any of the core games. Slowly but surely, that has been changing, and today's announcement promises to go a long way towards building that story. Coming in the form of a report from the resident professor in Pokémon Go, Professor Oak's student Professor Willow, trainers have been informed that Team Go Rocket Grunts have begun dropping a strange new item, Mysterious Components.

Source: Niantic

While this item does not appear to have a counterpart in the core games, as so many of the Pokémon Go items do, Professor Willow explains that it is the tool for taking over Pokéstops to steal the resources they produce. But that's not all. These Mysterious Components are extremely advanced technology that the professor is sure must have another purpose. In the meantime, he suggests they may serve as the key to tracking down Team Go Rocket.

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While we do not yet know how this will play out in the game, intrepid players have posted on Reddit this image as well as new code relating to a map to Giovanni and Team Go Rocket. These are likely related to the Mysterious Components. Either way, this is a promising development in the actual storyline for Pokémon Go. We'll be the first to let you know as soon as more information surfaces!

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