Pokémon GO Water Festival introduces new team happi coats

What you need to know

  • A water-based event, the Water Festival, was introduced to Pokémon GO on August 23.
  • To celebrate, Niantic has added new team happi coats for players to wear.
  • You can grab these stylish clothes in the Pokémon GO style shop!

With the Water Festival in Pokémon GO — a water-based event — being introduced only a few days ago, we're certain that trainers are already up to their gills in water Pokémon. That means you should capture your favorite water Pokémon (aka Squirtle) in your best gear.

With that in mind, Niantic has introduced some brand new clothes for players to dress their trainers in. These are some brand new team happi coats, perfectly suited for your avatar, no matter whether they're Instinct, Valor or Mystic.

These coats were announced by a tweet from the Pokémon GO official Twitter account.

If you're interested in these coats and want to rock the style so hard that it'll make your friends jealous, log onto the Pokémon GO app and head to the Style Shop where you'll be able to see these coats for yourself.

As of now, there are currently no other surprises for the Water Festival event, but keep your eyes peeled. Who knows what else Niantic has up its sleeve?

Aimee Hart