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In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the history of the Crown Tundra tells of the legendary Pokémon Calyrex, Glastrier, and Spectrier. The plot of the Crown Tundra centers around the legendary Pokémon of the harvest. The game mostly guides you through the steps to catch Calyrex and one of either Galstrier or Spectrier (you can't catch both), but there are a few places that are a bit tricky. If you're stuck or just want to get your hands on these legendary Pokémon quickly, we have you covered.

Major spoilers ahead. This guide walks you through one of the main elements of the Crown Tundra expansion and includes plot points as they are required to place steps in context. If you don't want to spoil the latest expansion to one of the best Nintendo Switch games, proceed with caution.

Place a special crown on a statue

Early on in the Crown Tundra, Peony will tell you to check out a statue in Freezington. When you go to the statue, it says that something is missing. That missing item is a crown that you need to place on its head.

  1. Go to Peony's house.

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  2. Grab the wooden crown on the table.
  3. Inspect the statue again.
  4. Place the crown on the statue.

Calyrex will then appear in a clearing on the edge of Freezington.

Get Legendary Clue 1

Calyrex has now appeared and is ready to share its backstory.

  1. Walk over to Calyrex.
  2. Battle Peony after he shows up (you don't have to win this battle).
  3. Listen to the backstory of Calyrex.

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  4. Receive Legendary Clue 1.

Talk to everyone and get carrot seeds

Next up, you need to talk to everyone in the town. One of the people in the town sells Carrot Seeds. These are important to the story later, so grab a bag now.

  1. Walk around Freezington and talk to everyone.

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  2. Purchase a bag of Carrot Seeds from the man by the crops.
  3. Go back to Calyrex and speak to it.

The Carrot Seeds cost 8 Dynite Ore, which you can quickly get by completing the Dynamax Adventure tutorial.

One of the people in the village is the mayor. He has glasses and is outside his home at this point in the quest. Make a note of who he is as you'll need to speak with him several more times in the quest.

Talk to the mayor

Next, you need to talk to the mayor again. As you might expect, he has moved since you spoke with him moments ago.

  1. Walk to the mayor's house to initiate a cutscene that explains that he is not there.
  2. Exit Freezington to the south to enter FrostPoint Field.
  3. Continue south and follow the left wall for some time until you hit the grass of the Giant's Bed.
  4. Continue to follow the left side until you see some ruins.

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  5. Find the mayor by the plant beds in the ruins.
  6. Return to Freezington and speak with the mayor again.

Read for clues

The mayor will tell you about some of Freezington's past and direct you to a bookshelf.

  1. Go to the bookshelf in the mayor's house.

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  2. Read each of the books.
  3. Leave the Mayor's house.

Choose a steed

Calyrex is across town now, and it's ready to talk about its steeds, Glastrier and Spectrier. You cannot catch both within the same game. You have to pick one as part of this quest and then will have to trade for the other one or grab it in another game.

  1. Walk over to Calyrex.
  2. Calyrex explains that you need to plant the Carrot Seeds in a specific spot.

Which spot you pick determines which steed you can catch, so choose wisely. The locations are flagged on your map.

If you want Glastrier, the ice steed, go to the Snowslide Slope.

  1. Fly or travel to the Snowslide Slope.
  2. Go to the marked flag on your map.

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  3. Plant the Carrot Seeds.

If you want Spectrier, the ghost steed, go to the Old Cemetary in the Giant's Bed.

  1. Fly or travel to the Giant's Bed.
  2. Go to the marked flag on your map.

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  3. Plant the Carrot Seeds.

Calyrex does a fun dance and then makes the carrots grow.

Grab the Reigns of Unity

To tame the steed, Calyrex needs the Reigns of Unity. These will also let you fuse and unfuse Calyrex and your steed of choice later.

  1. Go to the middle of Freezington and battle the steed (you cannot catch it at this time).

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  2. Your character will grab some mane hair (this occurs within a cutscene without input).
  3. Calyrex makes a flower within a cutscene that you'll need.
  4. Speak to the mayor in his home where Peony joins you and makes the Reigns of Unity.

Catch Calyrex and a steed

Now, it's time to climb to the very top of the SnowSlide Slope. When you reach the top, you'll arrive at the Crown Shrine.

  1. Go inside the shrine to speak with Calyrex.
  2. A cutscene occurs that results in Calyrex and the steed merging.
  3. Save your game.

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  4. Battle Calyrex and catch it.

After you've caught Calyrex, make sure to speak with Peony. He will check off your expedition.

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