Sirius to Stream Content to iPhones (Officially)

Well it is official, Sirius XM will be streaming it's satellite radio content sometime this spring according to CNBC. This announcement has come very quickly after Nicemac announced they were closing shop and this is exactly what we predicted was going on from the first time StarPlayr was "not accepted" by Apple. Mel Karmazin, chief executive of New York-based Sirius said:


blockquote>"It behooves us to consider every possible way to grow our subscriber base."

Good idea Mel, unfortunately no other details have emerged as to price or an exact date they plan to roll this out. So all of you Howard fans out there can finally breath easily, you will soon be able to stream Sirius XM content right on your beloved iPhones.

Bobba Booey to ya'll!

[Via CNBC. Thanks to Mike for the tip.]

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  • sweet i just re uped for a year and have online for free i can hear my iphone's battery crying now
  • I hope they have all the good stations like shade 45 n the foxhole unlike the AT&T xm radio that offers boo boo stations.
  • WHEN??? I was hoping the app would be released imminently. This spring means they could potentially hold off until June. Why the delay. Just make the darn app available already. :(
  • I've had xm for about 6 years, and I just canceled my sub. I just don't find the content to be compelling enough anymore, the only thing I'll miss is o&a, other than that between slacker, shoutcast, pandora, and being able to download podcasts on the device, I've got tons more content than I ever had on xm. Like almost everything else xm/sirius has done it comes too late to be impactful.
  • Awesome news. I haven't listened to Howard since he left "regular" radio years ago.
  • WOOT!!! Howard was actually talking about his phone and wanting a new one today. His stylist and several staff members are pushing the iPhone on him, but he wants to wait for the "new Palm" since he is still using a Treo.
    I'm sure he will be talking this up for weeks to come.
  • I find it kind of sad that Sirius XM didn't announce this until after StarPlayr was rejected. They should have seen this coming from 100 miles away and had an app ready to go months ago. I'm excited for the app, but I'm worried how siriusXM is going to handle it.