Spotify lets you preview and quickly save songs in the latest app update

Hunting down new songs on any music service, including Spotify, can prove to be such a chore. Especially when you're on your smartphone and aren't anywhere near the computer. That's about to change with the latest Spotify update. Say hello to Touch Preview and some cool new gestures.

Loading up new songs, trying them out and making sure they're the ones you want is almost an impossible task without hampering the experience when attempting to listen to your own music. This is where the new Touch Preview comes into play. Simply tap and hold on any song to hear that particular track play.


Once your finger lifts off the screen, whatever was playing prior to the previewed track will kick back in. It's a neat feature. Should you come across new music you wish to have added to your collection, Spotify has also added new swipe gestures. Swipe left to add the song to your collection, or swipe right to queue the track for playback.

The new features detailed above will be available for iOS users from today. So check the App Store for the Spotify update.

Rich Edmonds