An iMac sits atop a desk with Spotify's error message displayed on the screen

In a post yesterday on Spotify Community, user riegelstamm lamented they could no longer use Spotify in their Safari web browser despite the fact that Spotify's system requirements page said that the service was compatible with Safari 6 or higher. They contacted Spotify, and a bit later updated the post with the subsequent response:

After taking a look backstage, we can confirm that after recent updates Safari is no longer a supported browser for Web Player. We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall. We're sorry that this means you're not able to use the Web Player like you could before. We can't say if or when any specific features will be back. But as soon as we've got anything to announce, we'll let everyone know via the Spotify Community.

Sure enough, if you look on the system requirements page today, you'll see that Safari is no longer on the list of browsers supported by Spotify. The list now only includes Chrome 45+, Firefox 47+, Edge 14+, and Opera 32+. When Safari users attempt to stream music in the browser, they receive an error message saying "This browser doesn't support Spotify Web Player. Switch browsers or download Spotify for your desktop."

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It seems some individuals who don't wish to install the desktop player or switch browsers - riegelstamm included - plan to take their music streaming elsewhere if Spotify doesn't restore Safari support.


How do you feel about Spotify removing web player capabilities from Safari? If you use both Spotify and Safari, will you download the desktop player or switch to a different streaming service? Let us know in the comments!

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