Spotify is rolling out a new design for its iPhone app, doing away with the "hamburger menu" on the side in favor of a more visible tab bar at the bottom. The bar allows quick access to five different sections: Home, Browse, Search, Radio, and Your Library.

Spotify's new design makes it much easier to get around the app

The move away from the "hamburger menu" is an effort to make app navigation more intuitive. From TechCrunch:

The company tested the tab bar on iOS to see how it impacted user engagement. It found that users with the tab bar ended up clicking 9% more in general and 30% more on actual menu items. The tests also revealed that reducing the number of options in the tab bar to five increased the reach of Spotify's programmed content, the company says.

It seems that this design change may have been hidden in a more recent, smaller update, and that Spotify is just now flipping the switch. You can grab the most recent version of Spotify from the App Store now.

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