Sprint takes aim at AT&T, offers DirecTV customers a full year of free cellular service

Sprint has announced its latest bid to pull customers away from one of its biggest rivals, and it's a doozy. To "celebrate" the AT&T and DirecTV merger, Sprint is offering DirecTV customers a full year of service for free. The plan that Sprint is offering up for free includes 12 months of unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data per line on up to five lines. While this obviously isn't for the data-hungry, you can't beat free.

Additionally, Sprint says it will offer to buy out switching customers' current contracts and pay up to $300 per working phone. To take advantage of the deal — which starts on Friday, August 28, and runs through September 30 — those interested must show verification of their DirecTV account by either signing into their account while at a Sprint store or showing a copy of a recent bill.

Finally, there are a couple of catches with the deal. Customers are still responsible for paying for their devices, and they must also cover a one-time $36 activation fee, along with taxes and surcharges each month. Further, after the year is up, customers on this plan will be moved to a rate-per-line plan that runs from $50 for one line to $180 for five. Still, this is a pretty aggressive offer from the nations fourth-largest carrier, and an interesting way to combat AT&T's bundle offers.

Source: Sprint

Dan Thorp-Lancaster