[Closed] Subscribe to the Kicked TV YouTube channel for a chance to win awesome prizes!

The contest is now closed. Here are the winners!

  • Pebble Time - Jilly Bean
  • 10-Pack of Ilumi Smart bulbs - L.G.H. Djoetma
  • Coolest Cooler - Scott Markman

This summer saw the launch of the latest addition to Mobile Nations, Kicked.tv. Bringing you a weekly look at the top new and exciting crowdfunding projects out there as well as special behind-the-scenes episodes, Kicked.tv really helps weed through the thousands of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding projects that go live every day. Each week's video clocks in at right around 4 minutes to give you all the latest without taking up too much of your time. So now it's time to give away some cool prizes!

The Contest

Kicked TV has been up and running for awhile now, and gathering great momentum, and that means it's the perfect time to give away some of these fantastic crowd-funded products we've been telling you about!

  • First prize: Pebble Time smartwatch{.nofollow} The perfect accessory for anyone looking for an always on color display with great battery life.
  • Second Prize: 10 Ilumi Smart bulbs Pimp out your whole house with crazy cool lighting!
  • Third Prize: the Coolest Cooler Complete with built in blender, USB charger, bluetooth speaker, and more, this cooler is the perfect take anywhere party gadget.

How to enter

All you have to do to enter is head over to the Kicked TV YouTube channel and subscribe, then leave a comment on the contest video. That's it! Everyone is eligible to enter, no matter where you live. Just be aware that any duties or taxes on prizes are the responsibility of the winner.

We're keeping the contest open the whole month of September and at the end of the month we'll pick 3 random subscribers and send them each one of these prizes. You can't win if you aren't subscribed though, so make sure you're on the list! Good luck everyone!

Michelle Haag