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How to upgrade your MacBook Air with more storage

One of the best ways to get more life out of an aging Mac is to upgrade the storage. In some cases you'll want to go faster. In other cases, you'll want to go bigger.

I carried a MacBook Air for two years but gave up on it in favor of a Retina MacBook Pro with beefier SSD storage, and haven't regretted it. The MacBook Air is still with us, in the hands of my college-aged son. It's time for a storage upgrade to get him a couple more years with it. Here's how.

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Press at the Windows 10 event also look like an Apple ad

Last night it was the State of the Union press gallery that looked like an Apple ad, and today it was Microsoft's Windows 10 event that was resplendent in aluminum MacBooks and glowing Apple logos. Austen Allred, co-founder of Grasswire captured it on Twitter.

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The press gallery over the State of the Union looks like an Apple ad

Michael McAuliff, Senior Congressional reporter for the Huffington Post, tweeted a picture of the U.S House floor during the State of the Union. There, in the press gallery above the president and vice president, can clearly be seen the broad aluminum stripes of MacBooks and the bright stars of their glowing Apple logos.

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What if the next MacBook Air were lighter than an iPad?

Someone gave me a cold for CES this year — how nice of them! — so I've been getting up obnoxiously early this week. Today, I thought I'd use some of that time to muse on Tuesday's Retina MacBook Air rumor from 9to5Mac. Senior editor Mark Gurman's source purports that the next MacBook Air will merge the 11- and 13-inch models into a single ultrathin 12-inch model with — get this — a single lonely USB-C port.

Now, before I go any further, I'm going to note that Gurman wrote and mocked up the machine based on an internal prototype, so it's entirely possible that Apple's next MacBook Air will look nothing like this. But if it did, well... it'd sure be an interesting in-between for folks who don't want to work on an iPad, huh?

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Apple reportedly planning major redesign for next MacBook Air

Apple is reportedly readying a new, radically different version of its MacBook Air — a Retina MacBook Air. The new device will apparently sport a 12-inch screen, and remove many of the ports and connections found on the current model.

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Enough with the ludicrous Surface 3 Pro attack ads, Microsoft

I feel bad for Microsoft. I really do. And their latest Surface Pro 3 attack ad highlights just exactly why.

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Microsoft on the Apple attack again with Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 ad

Apple's products get almost as much coverage in Microsoft ads these days as they do in Apple's own, and this latest effort is no exception. The newest spot features the MacBook Air and the new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. While short, it's not quite so ridiculous as some previous ads, and does at least focus more on the actual strengths of the device in question.

But it leaves out anything related to the respective operating systems.

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iPad Air 2 vs. MacBook Air: Which Apple ultra-portable should you get?

Apple has two products designated as "Air", the MacBook Air, updated last June with the latest generation Intel Haswell processors, and the brand new iPad Air 2, introduced in October with a custom Apple A8X chipset. Both are ultra light, super thin, and have insanely great battery life, but one has a keyboard and runs OS X and the other a multitouch and iOS. Both can be absolutely killer on a plane, in an office, or around the house. But which one is better for you?

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Mac sales keep kicking ass; how does Apple sustain the momentum?

Apple's Mac sales kicked all sorts of ass last quarter. Apple moved 5.52 million Macs last quarter, generating more than $6.6 billion in revenue. So where does Apple go from here?

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