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How to play and control music using Siri

Siri can help you access your music more easily than ever. With Siri you can play tracks, albums, and entires genres without ever having to open your Music app. If you're in the car, Siri also makes for a safe way to keep your tunes going while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Follow through and we'll show you how.

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iTunes Store looks set for Russian launch, small event to be held in Moscow on December 4

At long last, the iTunes Store looks like it will be officially launching in Russia. For a few weeks now, we have heard rumblings that it may be launching very soon, some users have already seen songs for sale in music searches at extremely competitive prices. Now Apple has supposedly sent out invitations to a small number of people to attend an event in Moscow tomorrow.

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Ora case puts eight speakers around your iPad

If you're dissatisfied with the audio quality of your iPad's speakers like so many others, you'll be happy to hear about Ora, a new accessory hitting Kickstarter today.

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Xbox SmartGlass now available for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft's companion app for the Xbox 360 is now live for iOS, allowing users to remotely control the gaming console, view related content, type out messages, and otherwise complement everything you'd normally just do with the hardware controller.

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How to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6

One of iOS 6's hidden gems is the ability to use a song from your music library as an alarm to wake you up. Before iOS 6 was released, you could only use ringtones or one of the default alarm tones as your wakeup call, which was less than thrilling, but now you can set anything in the Music app to jolt you up out of bed. Progress!

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Hands-on lightning review of Apple's new EarPods

Let's face it -- in-box earbuds have never been anything to write home about. Frankly, they usually suck. Even for as iconic as Apple's white earbuds have become since the release of the first iPod -- they still sucked. They were uncomfortable. They didn't sound good. Even the slightly better Apple In-Ear Headphones, with their rubberized tips, weren't a whole lot better.

That all changes today.

We could rave all day over the improvements Apple's made to your too-often overlooked ear holes. But, really, selling you on these $29 wonders won't take nearly that long.

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Siri gets cozy with the iPod touch

The new iPod touch devices announced today at Apple's event will be able to run Siri. The voice-activated virtual assistant has been gradually creeping its way into Apple's other products, and it's good to see it landing on the iPhone's little brother. All of the usual tasks, like launching into web searches, controlling music, opening apps, and checking the weather and sports scores are included. 

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iTunes and App Store get major facelifts for iPhone 5

A big addition to iOS 6 for the iPhone 5 will be a visually revamped App Store and iTunes for both mobile and Mac. The changes include improved performance, previews while browsing, better search results, and sharing out to Facebook and Twitter. Facebook likes will be built into every product page, furthering the social angle.

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Last minute iPhone 5 rumors: NFC, greater file system and USB music support

Recently reports have surfaced downplaying NFC technology in the iPhone 5, but were they referencing on-device hardware or current software implementation? In addition, new rumors have surfaced concerning Apple expanding file system, and USB support to perhaps enable greater music functionality.

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iTunes Festival app appearing on Apple TV’s ahead of September 1 start

Apple has pushed out an update for the Apple TV that brings an iTunes Festival app to the main screen. The iTunes Festival, much like the Hulu Plus app that appeared earlier this month, doesn't require a software update it just appears on your home screen over the air.

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